Green Tea Choc Berry Cup

IMG_3403I made this recipe in conjunction with these Chocolate Strawberry Cups.
Both using a separate product in their recipes but the toppings of course would be interchangeable depending on what you had at hand. I found it easier to make the two varieties in one go due to making the coconut cream, I made a double recipe of the amount listed below, and this meant extra so I made an addition. I made more, and you might find it good to as well because it was easier in my Food Processor to ensure it all got picked up by the blades. Of course the below amount is fine to, but you might need to scrape down the sides a fraction more to ensure its all picked up and processed!
These and the strawberry were both delicious and I guess you can choose your combination depending on your own flavor preference!

Funch Foods provided me with the goodies for the base of this Cake, if you use anything alternative you would likely be omitting the green tea component unless you added this manually yourself!
Funch Foods have loads of premixed goodies with simple directions for making protein super-food treats. They even have gluten free varieties as we know how prevalent gluten intolerance can be, this is a major requirement to have available and that’s where Funch Foods are delivering. With combinations to suit everyone I will certainly be getting busy with my creations on the upcoming weeks!
green tea cacao, cacao and chia, coffee chia protein ball flavor combinations and their coconut choc chia snack slice for baking with. You can view the whole range of stock here for purchase in bulk as well! that means you can buy one bag for their sole purpose as protein balls, and one bag to use in my delicious alternative recipe creations! Perfect πŸ˜€

The appearance of all the mixes is fresh, inviting and well presented in their clear front bags you can see the raw ingredients and mixed together there is basically nothing for me to do but pour out the amount I need. My favorite appearance goes tot he gluten free cacao chia blend, there is something about the puffed quinoa in there over the whole oats that makes the pack seem more delicate and inviting. Naturally they are all equally delicious the flavors working together and none to over powdering.

Thinking ahead of other recipes I might like to use this in include a crumble mix, for their sole purpose and maybe building an even bigger super foodie ball of goodness with extra additions or altering the recipe instructions.. banana perhaps? I would also love to see them bring out a non chocoalte protein ball powder mix, while I think its crazy I have come across people less into chocolate then most, strange yes, but I guess if we all loved it as much as the real addicts there wouldn’t be enough to go around!

IMG_3405Green Tea Choc Berry Cup
Makes: 1

For the base
2tbsp FunchFoods Green Tea Cacao powder
1/4tsp water
1/4tsp coconut nectar or honey
1/4tsp coconut oil melted

For the coconut cream – may make a little to much
35g cashews soaked*
1/2tsp honey or maple
1tbsp coconut cream- thick component
1/2tsp vanilla
1tsp coconut oil melted

Extra: 10 frozen blueberries

1. Combine the base ingredients in a bowl and stir until well combined add a little more water if needed. Press into 1 cupcake silicon mould.
2. Make your coconut cream.
3. Add everything to a food processor and blend until well combined and creamy. You may need to scrape the sides down. Set aside.
4. Take 1 level tbsp (25g) and spread over your base. Use the base of a wet warm spoon to smooth the top. Set aside
5. Take your blueberries and 1/2tbsp (15g) more coconut cream to your processor and blend together. You will need to scrape the sides.
6. Spoon this ontop of your coconut cream layer and smooth the top.
7. Into the fridge to set

*Soak cashews overnight or min 2hrs in boiling water.


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