Back workout

I dislike back training lately, I think it’s a number of things. I can’t see my back, the mind muscle connection is more difficult to achieve, this can be a common problem for many people that train. Advice I have been given over this includes:

  1. Slowing down your reps to really ‘focus’ on training the muscle group.
  2. During your warm up, which may be a light walk on the treadmill, focus on flexing and feeling your back to help starting to engage it.
  3. Stretch your back to help you engage it.
  4. Try ‘negatives’ which mean taking up to 5seconds on the downward motion of a move.
  5. Avoid distraction, while music is great for passing the time and getting cardio over and done with this doesn’t require as much focus as muscle training, you need your attention on the muscle to get the workout.
  6. Try ‘holds’ during your rep, and really focus on a 3-5second hold to help engage.
  7. Avoid waiting until the end of the week for your least favorite body parts – this is when motivation can be lowest, try for the middle when you aren’t tired from the weekend but not yearning for the end of the week either.
  8. Positive self talk. Tell yourself it will be good, visualize the improvements.
  9. Take photos to gauge progress, seeing progress may make it your favorite body part!
  10. Don’t make your workouts to long, more specific and quality so you aren’t bored.
  11. write your workout down before hand, so you have a focus and don’t need to think about it.

I love tip number 12 and often write down my workouts to ensure I remain on track and don’t skip a workout because my mood forces me too. But if I don’t have access to an item I need I don’t just stand there waiting for it either, I move on and come back to it, there is nothing worse then cooling off.

So while I was in Bali I did have some time off from my training which was nice, but when I did go the few times I was very limited to really only being about to do one armed rows and some lat pull downs so I haven’t trained back for about 2.5 weeks! Hopefully this will mean I am sore.

Todays back workout

assisted chin ups – 4 sets – 20 reps (10 slow and 10 faster) full reps and lower the assistance each time.

Qide grip lateral pull downs – ‘nos’ set

Cable high low row with cable pulls – 4 sets – 20 rows, and 10 slow pulls with 5 fast.

barbell bent over row – ‘nos’ set

middle back row – 4 sets – 10 single reps each arm, 10 both arms.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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