Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies

Melinda’s Gluten Free Bake Mixes, were kind enough to send me a beautiful gift pack to play with, full of her delicious, easy to make gluten free bakes!


Upon the arrival of the package, I forgot what was coming, it arrived in a fully sealed and protected box ensuring the protection of the goodies inside and opening it I found an amazing gift packed package! All wrapped in lovely paper and bows the presentation was amazing and inviting and made me feel like ti was Christmas and unwrapping my gift.

What was included was more than I had hoped for:

  • Chocolate Fudge Brownies
  • Blueberry and Lemon cupcakes
  • Raspberry and Coconut cupcakes
  • Ginger loaf
  • Red Velvet cake
  • Natural Crackers

This all arrived for me just prior to my trip to Bali so I have had to hold off for a whole two weeks until I was able to cook some of these tasty goodies up!

My first choice of mixes to bake was the;

  • ginger loaf
  • blueberry and lemon cupcakes

What makes these so great is that they are all gluten free, and the option to make them dairy free is there as well, while the recipe calls for the addition of some butter and in these two cases milk, I switched to almond milk and dairy free butter alternative, but you can also do this with coconut oil as the recipe requires it melted rather then creamed!

Not having to have the butter and sugar creamed means these recipes also only need a bowl and a spoon to batch up! I love simplicity and it means that these mixes are SUPER easy to get the kids involved, you can almost let them do all the work!

I started with the ginger loaf, mixing up with my almond milk, melted butter and 2 eggs I think i had this in the oven in about 5 minutes! Cooking time was accurate and the smell was amazing in the house, I am a lover of ginger and spices after all! I did make an alteration and even added some Sunbeam Foods Australia Grown raisins to the mix, I thought the added texture would be nice. Cutting into the loaf and the steam rose out of it, the inside remained beautifully moist. I added some butter to a slice for some added flavor. I enjoyed mine warm, which I think for a treat that is full of a ‘warming’ spice this is the way to go! It was delicious and the addition of the raisins did add a mice change in texture to the mix as well. The packet instructions also included the additional suggestion of a frosting but this is required to be made yourself with no additional ingredients for it. hats okay though I didn’t make this and it was delicious without! Plus less guilt ;). I think also some Pure Maple would also taste amazing on this when warmed up!


Onto the second process which was the blueberry and lemon cupcakes. I thought the ginger loaf smelt amazing but this was another level the, the moment I opened the packed I could smell blueberry it was like they were fresh! Again the process was simple and easy, the addition of butter, eggs and milk just stirred in! I cooked mine in two batches as I didn’t have enough cupcake molds and the mix sat there until the first batch was done just fine. I used silicon cupcake molds as I love how easy this makes them to get out! The cook time again was accurate and they came out a treat, nice golden and moist inside. I didn’t make any alterations to these ones, I actually didn’t think they needed it! The recipe also doesn’t have the suggestions of icing but of course you could do this if you like, or as the picture on the mix says just add some fresh blueberries to your serve!


I am excited to try the raspberry and coconut cupcakes, I think these will be divine and I will maybe make up a clean icing for these ones! The alteration to this one compared to the other recipes is the switch from normal milk to coconut milk, for the change in flavor which I think will work great!

Overall Melinda’s Gluten Free Bake mixes as well as her other products; crackers and gluten free flour provide a great alternative for those wanting simple home baking, without the fuss and gluten inclusion but the option to change to dairy free is easy too!

Purchase is very easy as well located in many Coles, IGA’s and online stores there is no reason why you shouldn’t give these a go!


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