Flex Bites – Raw Cookie and Coconut cake

I recently received my delicious Flex Bites. Flex Bites are pre-made energy bites coming in a variety of flavor combinations and a low carb option as well. I have got myself some delicious cookie dough and peanut-butter Flex Bites which I can not wait to try.

Presentation wise, as they are pre-made fresh bites with a shelf life of about 3 weeks from date of making we were concerned about how they may hold up in transit and not refrigerated, but they were actually 100% perfect. Lexie’s packaging choice in the containers works a treat and I received 6 bites per container all holding their gorgeous shape 100% making them so inviting to indulge in, but I had to initially refrain as I wanted to get home and test them out in my kitchen within my own recipes as well.

The fact that Lexie has these hand made and packaged means you know love has gone into them all and they are her passion which is food. This is shown even more through her website where she also has some meal recipes up for viewing as her jobs also include personal chef. All of Lexie’s meals are nutritious and good for you indicating that she has a passion for what she puts her time into!

With my thinking cap on, I taste test the protein bites I have got, remaining moist and great flavor I’m excited about what I can do to compliment these. My first thought is perhaps making up some healthy chocolate and coating them, as well as using them in my next cake base as a Flex Bite Base Layer cake. I always use caramels, vanilla type flavors for toppings, so I think its about time a coffee, mocha or even coconut accompanies a nice thick cake base.


Cookie Coconut Cake

Cookie Coconut Cake

Cookie Dough Coconut cake
makes: 1 mini cake

5 Cookie Dough Flex Bites
1/2tbsp water

1/2c cashews – soaked overnight
1tbsp desiccated coconut
3tbso melted coconut oil
1tsp coconut nectar*
1/2tbsp cacao nibs

Break up you flex bites and add your water and combine well, I found best to press into the side of your bowl with the back of a spoon. If to dry add a touch more water. Press into your lined mini cake tin.
Add your soaked cashews. Coconut oil and sweetener to your processed and blend really well till smooth, scrape the sides down if needed.
Add your coconut and give another blend.
Stir in your cacao nibs and spread over your flex bite base layer. Into the fridge to set over night or min 2hrs!
Enjoy x

The Flex Bites are perfect for this, and I easily press them into my cake mold to form the base layer, a one step cake base – I love simplicity.


Cookie Coconut Cake

Cookie Coconut Cake

Other ways of using these I think would work a treat (and are a treat!) would also be broken up onto or through some ‘nice-cream’ making it like a healthy cold rock of cookie dough addition. Or on top of your smoothie bowl, oats or crunchy granola for added chewiness. The peanut butter flavor I think would also pair really well sliced and with a banana. But I am excited about a recent suggestion of an ‘nice’- cream sandwich.

With all of these ideas it looks like I might be making another order just to get them done!


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