Snickers Bites

Tasty Treats made with Pic’s Peanut butter! I have been lucky enough to be sent some of Pic’s peanut butters! A New Zealand formed company and all about providing you with the goodness or just natural and good for you (and delicious!) peanut butter! I have been sent a combination of smooth, crunchy and no salt varieties. For me, the crunchy is what interests me the most, and a touch of saltiness to tickle my taste buds is always a welcome addition, but for those conscious of their sodium intake the no salt variety is a fantastic option to the range and still delicious! I have seen these guys making the inclusion to coles shelves in many of my local supermarkets and I must say their packaging, simple, yet homely looking has an eye catching appearance and certainly stood out to me which is what got me interested in them in the first place and wanting to check them out. So I did just that!
overall Nikki was a great help to me who got onto my request fast and among her busy schedule sent me a big of tasty peanut butters all the way from NZ, they delivered fast and full intact considering their glass jars I was somewhat worried, as previous experiences I have had smashed items (while the issues are always resolved it makes for a mess and mucking around!). Everything was there and I whipped of the lid of the first one I grabbed for a look, rich in colour from its light roasting process and looking delicious I couldn’t wait to just get home and whip something up with them!
Personally I am a crunchy peanut butter fan, but the option of smooth is of course a no brainer it’s like bbq to tomato, you have to have both options to keep everyone happy!
The peanut butter itself tastes delicious, is creamy (with the addition of the nuts of course!) but it inst to oily or dry. While like all nut butters that are natural the oil and solid can separate a bit and therefore the contents can require some stirring if it is left to settle to long (I’m talking days-weeks long) but honestly in my house where if I love the stuff it tastes just perfect off a spoon it doesn’t really have time to settle!

Now even better with this product is the growth the company is taking meaning that you aren’t restricted by geographical location in receiving this delicious product as you can purchase online when you are in Australia, UK, NZ, and USA! While of course the further away you are, the more you buy the more you may pay in shipping I do believe its worth the money, that is if its not already available on your supermarket shelves and you can even check out who stocks this here.

Now, what was my first creation with this lovely product? Snickers Balls of course? Whats better!?


Snickers balls
Makes 6 20g balls

40g almond meal
10g coconut flour
10g honey
15g maple
Pinch of salt
35g Pics smooth or crunchy peanut butter
1-2tsp du chocolate drinking powder
10g melted or very soft coconut oil

1. Combine everything in a bowl and mix away! If it’s a bit hard place it into the microwave for 10seconds to soften up.
2. Use wet hands to roll them up
3. I rolled mine through more Du chocolate drinking powder and the others through crushed peanuts.


Finally, on top of all this excitement Pic’s even provided me with some of their peanut butters to complete a giveaway! That means that TWO people get to receive some goodies from Pic’s that is the smooth and crunchy peanut butter! Everyone loves to try before you buy so if you are a peanut butter NUT like me then why wouldn’t you enter? you can do this through my FaceBook Page and follwo the prompts. The comp launches on April the 17th until the 20th!

You can follow Pic’s Facebook page: here to remain up to date with their movements and event attendance too!


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