Coffee Cups

Using the Coffee Not Coffee slimming Raspberry blend these cups are simple, yummy and don’t amke to many so you don’t overdo your quote!

you can view my review and comments on ALL their range here.

Coffee cups 2Coffee cups
Makes 2

For the choc;
5 squares organic chocolate
1tsp coconut oil melted

For the filling
1tbsp desiccated coconut
1 sachet serve of coffeenotcoffee slimming rasp blend
1tsp coconut oil melted
1tsp honey melted

1. Melt your choc and coconut oil together and spoon enough into the base of two cupcake silicon cups. Set in the fridge until read to add filling.
2. Add all your filling ingredients to a cup and stir well. Add a dash of water if needed but not to much!! Halve the mix evenly on top of the set chop.
3. Ensure the top fairly leveled out and pour the rest of your choc on top. Tap lightly on the bend to settle any air bubbles and set in the fridge.
4. Top with a choc coated cocoa bean



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