Back Workout

This morning I trained with Brodie from work! It was great fun and our first session together although I have been providing him with some workouts lately anyway!
We had about 40minutes to get this done so there was no mucking about. If you are focused and plan ahead you to can get this done in a time frame! Some of the key things I find for trying to fit a workout into a condensed time slot include:

1. Using super sets this means backing one exercise right up with another then resting. Essentially it creates less rest time and highly fatigued muscles an means you can often fit in a few extra exercises compared to if you just did the one in the same time!
2. Have your workout planned – have an idea of the exercises you want to do, with what and what order. I write this down on the notes section of my phone. That way you have an idea of your session and you don’t muck around thinking about it!
3. Don’t wait around for equipment! – This is a massive one, and one way to cool down and loose your pump effect! Just because you write it down doesn’t mean it HAS to be done! For example, so all the preacher curls are being used, why not do spider curls instead? Squat racks being used? what about the leg press?
4. Think ahead – so you know what your next exercise will be? Now while your completing your last set of resting between the last two, have a look over, is it free? what needs doing? do you need to source equipment etc.
5. Pinned machines – for speed these are perfect as its less mucking around with just a pin to move compared to multiple weights, finding the plates and adding on the cuffs.
6. Use your rest time – Don’t sit there on your phone if you need to do things like change the weights, replace dumbbells with new ones or move the bench. This means your rest time is extended if you do it after your rest as well.
7. Don’t be social – Put your earphones in, people love to bail you up at the gym and this is a certain way to loose your valuable time! and don’t gossip with your training partner, their set time is your rest time and visa versa so it’s straight into it!
8. Finish off with a drop set – sure to pump up the muscles and make you fatigued you wont feel like you are missing out of your intensity with this addition.

  • With these in mind they are all similar concepts that I used to put together our workout for this morning!
  • Wide grip lat pull downs with cable rope pulls – 4 sets – 10 rep lat pull downs with 10 slow and 5 fast rope pulls
  • Close grip reverse lat pulls – 3 sets – 10 slow with a pause and stretch at the top, 10 fats – next set 5 slow. Final set, tripe drop set.
  • Middle back iso row machine with seated machine row – 3 sets – iso row 10x 1 1/2 reps with 5 fulls. seated machine row – 10 reps
  • Laying V raise – 3 sets – 10-12 reps each
  • Assisted chin ups – 1 sets – 10 bottom half, 10 top half and 10 full reps

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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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