Fressko – Tea and Juices

Made by Fressko sent me this gorgeous Tour brew as you go flask! It comes with a strainer so you can place your tea leaves straight in and travel away as well as an additional separate strainer that allows you to add fruit and still drink away without getting a mouthful of fruit! Not to mention the gorgeous stylish strong glass container this isn’t a flask you want to place into your handbag!

They have a huge range of different varieties and this is just one, perfect for hot, cold, teas, coffee, smoothies and water it’s versatility means the drinking options are endless. I has actually encouraged me to get creative with my creations which I love and next I would love to but together something pink in color, and perhaps a delicious clean coffee smoothie! YUM, that one may be a morning drink though, with its 400ml capacity it will be a couple of shots of coffee which will be sure to keep me going!

Our bodies are made up of so much water which we need for all sorts of functions and focus, we like to be stylish in most aspects of our lives so why not expand this to the bottle you drink from?

Matcha Iced Tea

Matcha Iced Tea

Matcha Iced Tea

1-2tsp matcha powder
1tsp honey
6 mint leaves
Ice cubes*
3 lemon slices
3 lime slices
300ml hot water
Place your matcha tea into your strainer and place into your bottle. Add your water and honey and place the lid on shake well to infuse into your water, remove the strainer and place in the fridge to cool.
Once cooled slice your lemon, lime, add them and your mint leaves and your ice to the water. Return the catcher to the bottle, drink up or lid on and away you travel!
*i froze mint leaves into my ice cubes by placing the small leaves into the ice compartments and covering with water and freezing as normal. They look lovely!
Tropical Juice

Tropical Juice

Tropical Juice

1/4c freshly squeezed OJ
1/2c fresh apple juice
1/2c fresh pineapple juice
2 mango halves
10 raspberries lightly squashed
Combine everything into a blender except the raspberries.
Pour straight into your Fressko flask and top with your raspberries.
Best served cold.
Can be stored in the fridge.
Delicious and refreshing.

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