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Eco Tan have so kindly sent me a gorgeous pack of all their goodies. It arrived today while I was at work and I have been eager to get home and try it out ALL day! Finally I can give this a whirl!

Upon receiving my goodies, Eco Tan have even given me double of everything, one for me, and one for a lucky winner for a competition ran through my Facebook Page CleanTreats! Talk about generous! The giveaway pack for one luck winner includes:

IMG_2364The reason I become interested in Eco Tan and wanted to look into it further was basically I spend so much time telling, creating recipes, training and trying to do what is best for my body that I recently came to the realization that of course it is not all about what you put into your body in terms of food, nutrients, training right and mentally stimulating yourself and ensuring your happiness in more ways then one, but what we put onto our bodies as well our skin is like a sponge, not only does it let toxins out and allow out body to breathe but it takes things in as well so it makes sense to put something on our body that we are content to absorb and know we are doing our body some good!

That’s where Eco Tan have met the mark and brought a product that is safe to use, for all skin types! After reading up on Eco Tan through their blog and other media outlets I do feel confident I am putting something great on my body and I can’t wait.

First things first, I pulled all the lids off the items to check on their smell, after all you wear tan often overnight and the smell can linger its important it smells great. It smells amazing! I don’t want to put the lid back on! I’m not sure I can describe the smell except a combination of rosewood, aleo vera, honeysuckle are just some of the underlying deppths of smells that work together to create a sweet and natural combination that makes me want to put it on! Even better is that the product I am talking about is the invisible tan (the winter gradual tanner also smells the same) so not only will my sheets not smell when I put it on to sleep in it over night, but my precious white sheets will stay tan free and safe! This is a huge bonus as I tend to either wait until I am going to change my sheets or put black ones on to tan in.

The Body wash is scented as coconut and mint, and I am going to smell great stepping out of the shower with this it smells so lovely and if you enjoy mint then this is just the right of freshness without being at risk of seeming like a walking mint leaf!

So before I get started I thought I would follow the instructions that were provided on the blog for a great application and with the use of my extreme exfoliate glove and some scrub, this of course always important to the any nastiest off the skin for a fresh application. In the past though I have found that the use of harsh soaps on the skin before an application can result in the tan not adhering to those areas quiet as well. So following Eco Tans advice, and lucky I have some Coconut Magic Coconut Oil in my cupboard I got onto this tip for a natural and clean skin exfoliation. Lucky I love, I mean LOVE the smell of coconut, it just reminds me of the tropics!

Jumping out of the shower and drying off and feeling refreshed means I can let my skin dry before the application of my invisible tan. Its just a waiting game now and I pull on my normal Pj’s now for a tanning night in, its nice to wear my normal ones though with no fear of them being stained I don’t need to get out my daggiest T-shirt and trackies for this job. So we will wait, keep an eye out to see how this turns out….

IMG_2391The tan turned out amazing, leaving it to develop overnight for the 8hrs as directed and i woke up still smelling lovely, sheets tan free and with a lovely honey natural glow that doesnt scream ‘fake tan’ when I look int he mirror. Jumping intot he shower to wash of any residue and it doesn’t all just wash away as is common with so many other products. My hands remain stain and orange free and I didnt even use a glove to apply, I simply followed the directions of a thorough wash after application. The process of applciation was made so easy and prevented me having missed areas by its ‘turning white’ as it was rubbed in so you could actually see where it was being applied even though it was ‘invisible’

Overall This is a product I am happy with, and I feel it has now earnt a spot in my beauty purchasing budget. The whole process took no time at all, didn’t require the whole bottle to achieve the look and was fuss free so it’s money well spent in my eyes.

Another Bonus for all you in other countries, EU, USA, CA or NZ? Perfect, they stock for you as well! All on their website. after all, no one wants to miss out!


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