The FIT Foodie Protein Balls

The Fit Foodie, sent me out some of their delicious powdered protein ball mix! The packaging was lovely with a simple personalizes note and a card for a recipe and and social media links. It was a lovely touch. The bags themselves were a clear front, easy to read and easy to store. The powder mix in the bag looked appealing, and I couldn’t wait to gte home to make them!

The instructions were east enough to follow, coconut oil melted, rice malt and honey and some water. I actually added a combination of rice malt and honey only because I ran out of the rice malt! as well as adding only 2tbsp coconut oil and 1tbsp water rather then three of each, and this was enough liquid, yay! While they have the instructions to store in the fridge if you like them a bit softer I would recommend leaving them out for a bit before eating, or if you don’t think they will last more then a day maybe don’t bother unless your in a hot area as the coconut oil will firm back up as it generally sits solid at room temp! What I also found nice was the fact that they didn’t need to be rolled in coconut. Often this is a requirement as the mix can be soft, the coconut can assist in absorbing some outside moisture, but i would say these didn’t need it and it’s nice for a change, even if I love coconut!

Overall, these were delicious and everyone at work loved them! they didn’t last till lunch time and some went back for more! I only made the cookie dough, but I will en-devour to get onto the other flavours to see if they live up to the bar standard that the Cookie Dough have set!


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