Dark chocolate cups with caramel, raspberries and macadamia filling

I have made these before, and my housemate LOVED them, so she requested them again! she supplied the goods and I made them! Perfect arrangement as I love to bake, but it can become an expensive task when I am not the one doing all the eating and I love it more for the process! But that is why I love that I get to do this sort of cooking at work on a Friday, as now I am also stocking my treats in the local cafe; Lolaespresso this keeps me busy as well! They will stock my chocolate earth protein balls, mint chocoalte protein balls, RAW snickers slice, apricot and almond balls and peanut butter cups. YUM! Plus occasionally there may be a special πŸ˜‰

So back on track, I made these again, and they worked just as well as last time!

caramel, raspberry and macadamia cups

Dark chocolate cups with caramel, raspberries and macadamia filling
Makes 12

1/2c (60g) cashews – soaked for min 2hrs
3tbsp (43g) coconut oil melted
1/4tsp vanilla
6 (75g) medjool dates
1tbsp (20ml) pure or no added sugar maple syrup
1/2tsp salt (good pinch)
70g rasp frozen
30g unhulled tahini
40g macadamia nuts

Chocolate cup
300g dark Choc organic
25g coconut oil

Melt your deal chocolate and cups coconut oil together and fill the bottom of your silicon cup moulds. I made 12. Just place enough in to cover the bottom and press up the side. You will have left over Choc, this is for the top!! Place moulds in the fridge to set.

Make your filling
Place everything but the macadamias and raspberries into a food processor and blitz to a smooth paste.

This may take some time be patient smile emoticon

Chop your macadamias roughly and stir them into the filling. Fold in the raspberries, frozen.

Place in the fridge for about 10mins to start to firm. Using damp fingers shape enough filling into a disk like shape and press into your chocolate silicon mould. Repeat. Once done re melt your choc if needed and spoon over. Tap on the bench lightly to release any air bubbles. Set fully before removing from cases. Store in the fridge and they freeze well too!

Only benefit of freezing? So you don’t eat them all at once

delicious looking filling? could it it straight out of the bowl

delicious looking filling? could it it straight out of the bowl


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