New Cafe – Lola Espresso

My parents old neighbors recently moved from Launceston to Hobart on a business venture. While I moved to be an employee they are starting their own ‘paleo’ inspired cafe in the city center. The cafe is not primarily paleo though! while they aim to provide this option, local produce, organic where possible they also provide healthier alternatives for most food options!

The name? Lola espresso cafe, located no1, 1 Franklin Wharf Hobart Tas (behind the Sushi Train)!

They have designed their cafe around the idea of paleo pods which allows their customers to build their lunch from the base up on whatever tickles their fancy with the inclusion of carbs, vegetables, good fats, meats and meat alternatives. With healthier smoothie options, super-food additions and protein to be added the staff are becoming more educated in the food alternatives and they also aim to help cater for those with a difficult diet such as celiac, allergies and intolerance.

What excited me the most? Well besides the fact that I think its a great idea! I think it should work, I don’t believe there are other business in the local area doing similar things, sure the presence of such food is available every Sunday at the farmers market but that’s one day a week! Plus its right in my passion, and they have been kind enough to allow me input, in-site and suggestion to their ideas.

In response to this I have provided many ideas, but I am also their provider of their clean treats! I will be stocking their window of goodies with choc mint protein balls, earth protein balls, apricot and almond balls, snickers slice, and peanut butter cups all of these range from being gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, to help cater for peoples differences! Plus I may have an experiment or two as the weeks go by for random specials!

Its all very exciting and with the open happening Thursday the 5th March I hope it all goes well! At least the treats are good to go!

So you wouldn’t want to miss out, if your int he area, why wouldn’t you pop in to check it out?

PS; I couldn’t even tell you which dessert was the best one, you will need to try them all! And I also can not wait to try out the ricotta pancakes.. yum!


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