Taste – Magazine cover competition

Last week the new Taste Magazine came out, I have a subscription to ensure I get it! They run a comp every month, that allows you to recreate whatever amazing dessert they have on the cover, so that Chef Manu (MKR judge) judges it! He picks based on creativity, photo and the best replication of the cover.


While I don’t think mine replicates the cover, I chose to halve the total recipe (As I was only feeding the four of us and still this could have feed 8 it’s super rich!) and i put them into a muffin case instead, the reason? because it made for cut single serves that looked great! The only issue I had was that as it was bakes, when I poured the chocolate over the top, it oozed down the sides as the filling pulled away from the edges as it cooled (I should have thought about that but just didn’t! this meant that until I cut it open I missed out on the layered cakey goodness to showcase. But doesn’t matter. It was rated pretty highly in my families eyes.

Basically what it consisted of was a chocolate biscuit cake base, cooked nice and crisp, followed by a cakey filling. this filling had two types a vanilla batter and a golden syrup brown sugar batter. What I would suggest is adding additional flour tot he golden syrup one, as the vanilla batter stayed firm and therefore easy to layer, the syrup layer, as you added syrup for an addition flavour as a liquid meant it thinned the mix out more and the runnier mix mean harder to layer to create those differentiating layers. So after this was baked and amazing, it was a cadbury bubble chocolate topping, followed by a malt biscuit crumble and a scoop of golden gaytime ice-cream with a salted caramel drizzle.

Licking your lips?

So basically a chocolate, vanilla, caramel, malt, biscuit, did i mention chocoalte?

Just yum!




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