The Skinny on Fat

You might have read lately in a number of articles, the risk of being ‘skinny fat’ it is a concept that occurs where a person, can appear skinny but are actually fat on the inside. It’s that person that commonly chows down on whatever they want, goes drinking, doesn’t exercise, and watches TV and remains looking like you want too. The common body type for this is an ectomorph (1). They are often slim, can be boney, typically tall but not always and while they may not eat a lot, they don’t eat the right thing either!



Typically we have always thought that if you are thin, you are healthy. But we have started to learn that that is not the case. The fat that is held within the body, holding the organs is the fat that matters more than a little excess giggle on your arms. I know this doesn’t make us feel any better, but it’s about being healthy on the inside out.

It has been calculated that nearly 1 in every 4 ‘skinny’ people are ‘metabolically obese’ which is the medical term that refers to a skinny fat person or MONW (metabolically obese normal weight). (2)

What is the real risk factor is that those that are skinny fat, your risk of diabetes is just as high as a fat person to begin with and your risk of death is twice as high as a fat person with diabetes… scary huh?

Further studies have also found that 37% of skinny teenagers are at risk of being in this catragory… perhaps the increase in technology and convenience foods isn’t doing us good?

So what can be done? It’s about first accessing and finding out if you are skinny fat! Considering your family history and risk of diabetes and heart disease is important as this already places you in a higher risk category, a form of a pot belly and being Asian also increases your risk. Blood tests can help you determine them. Testing your glucose levels tests for diabetes as well as for HDL (good cholesterol) and ensuring your blood pressure is normal. Abnormalities in any of these may be cause for alarm. But at the end of the day, really you know what you eat, you know how you diet and if you have spent your life telling people and enjoying that you have a ‘fast metabolism’ and can ‘eat what you want’ then chances are you do fall into this category. Other tests can be checking your insulin levels to ensure you are processing your sugars and not having a rapid negative effect on our bloog glucose levels.

So what can you do? It’s simple really, do what fat people do to get skinny! You just done have the visual driver for the reason behind it and just need to be committed in knowing that it is going to place a personal benefit on your current, long term and internal health.

You should see improvements though in your skin, your ‘pot belly’ your energy levels and concentration are all areas that a clean-up of your diet, an increase in some physical activity will all assist in.

So while we are all enviable of those girls or maybe the lanky guys that can eat a bag of twisties for lunch and look great in a tight jeans, if you eat your salad, run and squat but are still a bit bigger then chances are you are still healthier, fitter, stronger especially on the inside. So smile about that.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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