Frozen Yogurt Protein Cups

I was shocked at the response these got on my social media pages. With over 140 likes and over 12K in views, it only means one thing.. you need to try them out for yourself!

Don’t be daunted by the recipe. All the cups utalise the same Greek yogurt just with slight additions. You can sub any protein powder, but I stand by Bulk Nutrients for its quality, or you can just pick one flavor yo think sounds delicious and make a lot of them!

Frozen Yogurt Cups

Frozen Yogurt Cups

Frozen yogurt cups
Makes three

For the base
5 apricots (40g)
40g almonds
1tbsp honey or alternative sweetener
Blend everything together and press into silicon cupcake molds. Set aside

Vanilla honey protein yogurt

1.5tbsp Greek yogurt
1tsp honey
1/2tbsp vanilla protein powder

Vanilla berry protein yogurt
2tbsp Greek yogurt
1/4Tsp vanilla
1/2tbsp strawberry WPI
1drop pink food coloring (can omit)

Coconut yogurt
2tbsp Greek yogurt
1tbsp coconut flour

1. Make each cups fillings at a time. Combine all the listed ingredients and spoon on top of the apricot/almond base.
2. For the vanilla berry filling, combine 1tbsp of Greek yogurt with the vanilla and the other 1tbsp combine with the protein and coloring.
3. top with coconut, Cacao nibs, berries etc.
4. store in the freezer.

Note: Take out for only a short period of time before eating.
You could even look at blending up berries and runnign througha fine strainer to remove the pulp and adding to your yogurt as well.
Add in cacao nibs or dark chocolate.



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