Workout without a gym

So, still getting along with my injury I did a workout yesterday that while I completed it in the confines of a gym, it was done purely without the use of gym equipment. So why not get out into the sun and fresh air and give it a go!?

side lunges with standing calf raises – 5 sets – side lunges; complete 3 pulses before 1 full that’s 1 rep. complete 10 of these before doing 10 full reps. Do one side at a time. calf raises – 20 reps.

Walking lunges with reverse cross lunges and sumo squats – complete your walking lunges with 3 pulses before standing and moving to the next lunge. up and back. Complete 10 cross lunges with 3 pulses when in the lunge position before switching legs. Complete 30 sumo squats. repeat 5 times.

abs – 30 second planks, no breaks. start on one side move to the middle then move to the side. Don’t rest, so back tot he middle, side, middle, side, middle, side. Done!

other options for outdoors:

  • Place yourself near stairs and do stair runs/sprints.
  • Place yourself near a high bench for step ups
  • Use the same bench for tricep dips
  • Add in some push ups.
  • Add in other abdominal work.

About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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