Apple and Walnut Breakfast Bars and Bulk Nutrients Banana Cream Pie

I have been cooking, I guess I haven’t been blogging about it as much! But this week I have a few recipes to share and a few bits of information that I think are exciting!

First off, every Friday is my favorite day of the week. And not for reasons that you might think. I love Fridays at work because they are my cooking day. Where I get to invent new recipes have the photographed work them out nutritionally using the Bulk Nutrients Products!

So on the Friday just gone I made two recipes, chocolate protein hedgehog and a Protein banana cream Pie. The banana cream pie was a massive success and labelled my best ever recipe! how cool is that! But if you want to try this one for yourself you will have to subscribe to the Bulk Nutrients monthly newsletter (no not spam) you can do this through the website, where they release such recipes and follow their social media which will also show their recipes!

Banana cream pie, doesn't it look amazing!

Banana cream pie, doesn’t it look amazing!

In addition to this we are getting even closer to the release date of the Protein Pancakes for Bulk Nutrients! Coming on about the 17th of Feb, this is World Pancake Day! They would be starting off with your generic Vanilla flavor, before releasing cinnamon and chocolate. Personally I love the cinnamon, and headed into a Tasmanian winter, cinnamon has awesome warming and nutritional benefits for the time of year.

So the recipe I will share with you will be my Apple and Walnut Breakfast Slice. This recipe was adapted and inspired from Anja’s Food4thought.

I took this into work with me this morning to let the buys enjoy it! What was funny was that another employee has also brought in banana bread (non ‘healthy’ kind but delicious!) and it has become a bit of a show down of the good chef/bad chef! Its hard to tell though with both having equal opportunity to be naughty and nice the Bulk Nutrients staff have been spoilt for their morning tea πŸ™‚

Apple and Walnut Breakfast Bars

Apple and Walnut Breakfast Bars

Serves – 10 slices

2 apples grated
1 1/2c quick oats
1/4c spelt flour
1/4c almond meal
1/4c apple sauce
1/2c walnuts chopped
2/3c dried dates chopped
1/2tsp salt
1Tsp cinnamon
1Tsp nutmeg
1Tsp clove
1 egg
1Tbsp Sweetener of choice*

Set oven to 180 degrees Celsius
Combine all the ingredients and let stand for 15mins (allows oats/apples/flour to absorb).
Press into a tin lined baking tin.
Bake for 30mins until golden.
Cut while warm and stand until cooled.
Store in an airtight container.

These are perfect for an out the door breakfast option or snacks!

*I used rice malt syrup. Agave, honey or maple is fine too.

Nutrition per serve: 769kj / 5g F / 32g C / 5.4g P



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