Friend Training

I trained a friend on the weekend, we went through and arms workout one day and a legs workout the next. I have never trained her before, but she was great. i worked at doing exercises she hasn’t done before. For example she normally does arms with dumbbells, so we did a lot with the cables. While for legs consists normally of the machines, so we stuck to more conventional exercises like lunges, holds, dumbbells heel raised squats etc. This means that in the time between when I can train her again she will have new exercises up her sleeve that she can both mix with the old to make new again.

This is all about continuing to change up what you are doing. To continue to ‘shock’ your body and make it work. It will mean you will continue to see improvement and feel the muscles work. There is nothing worse than halted progress due to doing the same thing all the time. And there can be little changes too, the same workout but at different speeds or order.

Sometimes I fine the easiest way to get into the repetitive structure of a workout is when you give yourself limited time. Often trying something new when we are on a time frame isn’t appealing, for the fact that you think it will take longer or that you wont get the most out of it. Sometimes it can take a few goes to workout a new routine or exercise and to start feeling it work. To keep things fresh try making one session a week as something completely different. That way you continue to change.

Our workouts:

tricep dips – feel in or out depending on your level or on a machine. 5 sets – 15, 12, 10, 8 , 8 reps
cable single arm kickbacks superset with cable bar tricep extensions – 4 sets – 10 reps each (for the bar extensions add 5 quick pulses at the end)
single arm cable bicep curls superset with barbell cable bicep curls – 4 sets – 10 reps each (for the bar extensions add 5 quick pulses at the end)
seated hammer curls – 5 sets or 15, 12, 10. 8. 8 reps
straight bar curls – 1 set – 7 bottom half, 7 top half, 7 full reps

Seated leg extensions – 4 sets – 40, 30, 20, triple drop set – hold on every 10th rep for 5 seconds
heels elevated dumbbell squats with butt squeeze – for the squats 1 rep is: squat down, raise half way and hold, squat down and stand – repeat 10 times. butt squeeze for 1minute each – repeat 4 times
Thrusters with walking lunges – 10 thrusters with lunges – approx 15 walking lunges with weigths, drop the weigths and lunge back to starting positon – 3 sets.
straight leg dumbbell deadlifts – 5 sets – 15, 12, 10, 8, 8 reps.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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