Weekend, plans and everything in between

I have posted a lot of recipes lately, and I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to update you all on where I am at, what I have planned and where I want to go!

After the return back to work after some time for recovering, Christmas and NY, like most Australians it was back to work, and a busy time of year.
Work at Bulk Nutrients has continued to be eventful with increased customer service duties, the ongoing and always improving marketing and brand work, consideration around shows and structure and my personal Friday work that involves recipe correlation, nutritional panels, photography and product development. it’s no wonder I finish the week excited and motivated at the prospect of there still being so much to do! I am feeling very happy in the role I am in and the work I get to do.

I have continued to travel up to Launceston on a weekend, this allows me to continue to see my family and of course my dog Ellie all the time. I love the weekends for this, the catching up with friends and coffee dates. With Australia Day on this coming weekend it make a trip to the North worth it even more as it is a long weekend. While I have no plans for Australia Day, as long as the weather holds out this is all that matters. To many people have beach plans to have a ruined Australia Day!

The coming weekends remain busy, with my little sister off to WA in a few weeks to live with her BF, it will be a strange move and change for her, me and my parents. I have never been to WA but it will seem like a potential trip to visit at some point will be on the cards. Following that, is festivale. One of my favorite events of the year, along with the Taste (Hobart) which I experienced for the first time this year, it is an event for food and fine. Enjoyable and with friends its always nice to head down and I am hanging out for some tempura mushrooms. Last year I was dieting, ready for a competition so while I went, I didn’t get to experience it in quiet the same way so this year I plan to a bit more.

While these are all events that have been happening its other plans that are also exciting me. Once I am recovered there will be the plans to reorganize my Bali trip with family, which will be a great time and I have even talked my brother into coming. I have almost finished my business Diploma, something I wanted to have done by the end of this month and then I can complete my PT course. Once this is completed I would love to look into nutrition and dietician courses as this is a big passion of mine.
Further to this, I am always continuing to work on my CleanTreats and developing this further. At just under 30K in followers it has grown immensely and my next steps include an App. I have recently set up an instagram for this: cleantreats_ and hope this will grow prior to considering an App.

So I am keeping myself busy, stimulated and enjoying what I am working on.. it just doesn’t feel as though there are enough days in a week or hours in a day.

So if you are as busy as I am, perhaps you need to refuel on this amazing creamy breakfast bowl:

high protein breakfast bowl

high protein breakfast bowl

High protein Breakfast bowl
This bowl is creamy deliciousness and so filling!
Don’t be scared to sub the amounts or switch things around to suit your taste, it’s versatile

My ingredients;

1c whole oats soaked for min 2hrs in water
1/4c cottage cheese
200ml Greek chobani yogurt
Tsp honey
1 scoop Bulk Nutrients strawberry WPI
1 scoop Bulknutients vanilla Micellar casein
Handful frozen berries thawed

Place oats in the fridge in there water to soak for min. 1hr
Combined everything but a large bowl except the berries
Stir to combine
Add your berries and give a light mix to combine and enjoy!
You could add nuts, almond milk or other milk of choice, coconut, banana, dried fruit, muesli etc go crazy!

Purchase WPI, WPC and Micellar casein from the bulk nutrients website
Super cheap and quality protein with fast Australia wide delivery!


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