Training – with an injury

Training can be difficult at the best of times, but when injury strikes it can create a mental battle of when to rest up and take it easy, to how far to push yourself or make the injury worse.
For me, the concept of being injured is a new one. While many people have told me that the rest would be good for me and a time to rebuild, being forced into a rest of sitting on my butt for 12 weeks was not my idea of ‘backing off’ from my training and having a break..I had more envisioned going on my holiday to Bali and taking two weeks off before coming home and settling into a 4-5times a week training routine of whatever i please. But with all of this in consideration it is not how it worked out, and well, it never really is as we planned.

My injury has been one of a more serious nature, while I have never had sports injuries, which i count myself lucky for, this is certainly still requiring my rest and care. A fracture in my neck is not something to be taken lightly, and although I feel fine, it wont be if I don’t rest up, and like all injuries, I will only pay for it later on.

My injury occurred about 5 weeks ago, and until this week I have done nothing, I haven’t been lazy, sitting all day and feeling sorry for myself is not in my nature. I have continued with my cooking, and spent some well nurtured time at home with the family. Initially I didn’t want too, I wast going to let my injury stand in my way! But once I gave in I realized the benefits of taking a break, and while forced into it in less than ideal circumstances I have enjoyed it and learnt that my body doesn’t need to move vigorously every day to stay in shape and feel good. I have switched more of my focus onto my diet. but that hasn’t meant not rewarding myself either, it has been Christmas after all! It is everything in moderation and being mindful that when not moving as much my body doesn’t need the excessive calories it did before, but I still set myself frequent meals and have a routine I like to follow.
I think for me having a set routine, injured or not is part of my mental health and allows me to still feel like I have some power and input over how I feel and what I do.

So this week has seen me make some new changes to my day, and I have started to get moving a little bit more. It has felt great, like a breath of fresh air, and provided that sense of normality again which I love.
I have started to walk, outdoors and always mindful that I am near roads that if something were to happen i can get help. I have even attended my workplace gym, always with someone, just incase but working on equipment that i know is safe.
As I am restricted to lower body only and not permitted to lift over two kgs for the time being, I have focused on the following exercises:
body weight squats
body weight lunges
butt squeezes
seated hamstring curls
seated leg extensions
calf raises
seated exercise bike
If I feel the need to grab any holds during a machine like extensions I know the weight is to heavy and I back it off. I ensure that I am always near something that will stabilize me during squats or lunges and the seated exercise bike ensures I don’t bend through my back. I avoid the treadmill for risk of falling and anything with impact. At this point I am finding this refreshing to do, I know it will become frustrating, as I start to feel better I will want to do more. I think it is lucky the time of year is summer as I always want to avoid getting to hot it also means I don’t work to hard to prevent this from happening.
I only work to get my daily thirty minutes of movement in.
While sometimes I think I could do more, often my neck doesn’t hurt, I am sure it would if I pushed to far so best to avoid this from happening.

It is important to look after yourself and do as your doctor says, listen to your body and seek medical advice whatever the nature of your injury.
I think we can always work around something to help ensure we still feel good about ourselves. Some of your control might have been taken from you but what else you do is what pays off.
You might even find the time off a time when you discover a new passion, like blogging, reading or as I did in my month off – watching the whole sex and the city season again.
So this is why you have seen limited workouts from me!

Today my lunchtime twenty minute exercise was:
leg extensions – 15 slow and hold at the top, 5 fast
lunges – about 14(7each leg)
reverses cross lunges – 10
sumo squats – 15 slow, 10 fast and low!
-I repeated this circuit 4 times

over the next 10 minutes I completed:
1minute butt squeezes, during the rest period I completed 20 calf raises.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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