Our Christmas Lunch Menu

Christmas is my favorite time of year! Last year I was in New York for Christmas! Manhatten Island was packed with so many people you really had to hold on to your partner to make sure you didnt loose them in the crowd. It was cold, no snow just freezing and althought he iceskating in central park, the macy’s shop front windows, christmas carols, endless bakeries of gorgeous cakes, warming pumpkin pie etc were amazing, there is something about an Australia summer christmas that is enjoyable!

This year my friend is in London and has posted me an authentic winter christmas knitted jumper, although it will be to hot to wear, and I now have a lovely addition to my attire that it will not fit over, I am excited to unwrap this.

So it seems these days, every year, more and more people are opting for a seafood christmas. Ditching the turkey and stuffing and getting to the more outdoors options. I love this. while we will still have some of the traditional pieces, its nice to have the option of something a bit lighter, getting out of a hot kitchen and outside!

 antipasto platter

antipasto platter

Entree options
We will do a antipesto platter with options such as;
kilpatrick oysters
smoked salmon and hot smoked salmon
spanish sausage
roasted capsisum
pickled gherkins
stuffed bell peppers

 antipasto platter

antipasto platter

We are doing a few options, the traditional ham
marinated chicken drumsticks
teriyaki baked salmon with crispy skin
bacon granita potato salad
salad options

christmas lunch

christmas lunch

Christmas pudding
chocolate hazelnut mousse cakes
cheese/fruit/chocolate platter – camambert, fruit and nut cheese, dates, apricots, summer berries, truffles and paneforte
with sides of homemade vanilla bean icecream, caramel ripple icecream, cream and custard.

I think after this we will all go into a food coma and sleep.
We usually just nibble of leftovers for dessert and boxing day!

A lot of this can be pre prepped though.

Things we did the day before;
Marinated the salmon and skinned.
shelled and deveined prawns
I made the icecream a week in advance
make the chocolate and hazelnut mousse cakes
whip cream
slice any fruits
all the antipesto ingredients are easy as they dont need preperation!
cook off the bacon for the potato salad
marinate the chicken drummets.
make the potato salad dressing

When you look at it like that all you need to do on the day is make the potato salad and assemble, make the rocket salad, cook the main course and heat the pudding.

Christmas doesn’t have to be to hard. And use your family and friends, ask for help, share the load. Use disposable plates, you can buy really sturdy ones now and organise your fridge so it makes sense the day before to make room for items.
Place leftovers into approriate sized containers, not huge ones for a potato! Send leftovers home with guests if you know you wont eat them!
We all know this day of the year is coming and we are all busy, so start planning early, then you will love the day not resent it πŸ™‚


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  1. that platter looks delicious!!!

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