Butter chicken

Butter chicken

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

This was so yummy! Will make this one again for sure.

I made mine with cauliflower rice, the rest of the family had rice. To make cauliflower rice you chop your cauliflower and bring water to the boil. Add the cauliflower and once the water comes back up to the boil leave for 1min and drain. Allow to half cool and add to a processor. Blend with salt and pepper. Also any spices you like but for this recipe I kept it simple.

Butter chicken ingredients

1.2kg chicken diced
4tbsp Greek yogurt
2-3tbsp crushed garlic
2tbsp crushed ginger
2tsp minced chilli
2tbsp paprika
1tsp garam masala
4tsp coriander
2tbsp amchur powder*
1tsp tumeric
2tsp cumin
Salt and pepper
1tsp cinnamon
Good pinch saffron (imitation)
Juice of a lemon
2tbsb coconut cream
4tbsp corn flour
2-3 onions diced
1c passata or canned tomatoes
2tbsp tomato paste (optional)
Ghee or butter or coconut oil to cook with

Rice and green beans to serve
Additional Greek yogurt, toasted almonds, fresh coriander and/or naan/pappadam

Combine you garlic ginger and chilli
Stir you cornflour into the Greek yogurt into a paste with no lumps
Combine all spices and garlic chilli mix with the coconut cream and coat your chicken to marinate
Get the water for your rice boiling now and add rice to cook as per packet instructions
Heat your oil and add your onion cook till soft
Add your chicken not all the liquid and cook till half cooked. Add all liquids, passata, tomato paste, remaining marinate mix, 1/2c water and stir through. Bring to a simmer and cook till chicken is cooked through. Season well. If you want it thicker repeat the cornflour/yogurt combination and add a tbsp at a time to bring to desired thickness
Serve with your rice, nuts and coriander

Note: roast your nuts before and have garnishes done. You can even do your rice early and reheat

*amchur powder is green mango powder. You can omit this. I found mine in a speciality grocer


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