Choc mint protein biscuit sandwich

Choc mint biscuit sandwich
This is a little bit naughty, but worth it and if you love choc mint it is actually very quick to make as well! all you want is a food processor and start the day before so you can soak the cashews. You can use any protein but BulkNutrients can be sourced here
choc mint biscuit sandwich

choc mint biscuit sandwich

For the top and bottom:
30g dates – medjool or dried
1/4tsp vanilla bean paste
1tbsp (15g) cocoa
5tbsp (50g) dessicated coconut
1tbsp (35g) chocolate hazelnut spread – I used mayvers – can use any alternative nut spread
2tbsp (40ml) coconut oil melted
2scoops Bulk Nutrients Choc Mint WPI/WPC (60g)
1tsp (2g) coconut sugar
For the Filling
80g cashews soaked
2tbsp (40ml) coconut oil melted
1tsp vanilla bean paste
1-2tsp peppermint essence – i used 2
1tsp (2g) coconut sugar
Make sure you get your cashews soaking the night before so they soften up!
Line a small cake tin.
Make your base first. Simply place all your ingredients into a food processor and blitz until smooth. Divide the mix in half. It makes about 230g in total so roughly 115g top and bottom!
You can place place the bottom in first so set that aside along with other half of the mix while you make your filling.
Again this all just goes into a blender. But make sure your coconut oil is melted! Blend well and this may take a few minutes as the cashews should become creamy.
Pour this over your base and even out.
For the top, so you don’t squash out your filling, i shaped this into a flat disk in my hand of roughly the right size, then place it ontop of the cashew filling and gently even out.
Your done!
Place in the fridge for 1-2hrs before cutting and consuming

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