Apricot Custard Danish

So my housemate, Tracy’s parents gave me some delicious stewed apricots from their home tree as they have been inundated with them this season, and they know I like to cook.

So I have made a clean apricot, almond and coconut cake and then I still had plenty leftover so I decided to make apricot custard Danish J  I didn’t follow a recipe so it’s a bit of estimation but it made about a dozen.

Apricot Custard Danish

apricot and custard danish

apricot and custard Danish

About 2c stewed apricots
2tbsp custard powder vanilla made as per packet instructions
4 sheets puff pastry
4tbsp icing sugar +water
1 egg whisked

Heat your oven to 180
Make your custard and set aside.
Slice your pastry into 4 equal squares
Dollop a spoonful of custard onto the pastry followed by a dollop of apricot (about 1tbsp each)
Pinch the corners of the pastry in to fold in the sides.
Brush with your egg
Cook in the oven for about 20-25minutes until golden
Make your icing sugar/water mix – this just needs to be a running consistency good enough to drizzle – about 1tbsp of water max should do but just mix it and see. You may need to make more than this. Once partially cooled drizzle your sugar mix. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.
I just stored mine on the bench in a sealed container J
The house smelt lovely!

apricot and custard danish

apricot and custard danish


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