Training for three

It can be hard enough sometimes training with one person, sometimes it’s the timing of a workout, it can take longer if the other person isn’t as driven and motivated, if your weights don’t match well you can spend half your time switching them around.

Cut I emphasis the can. It does not have to be like that and it only will be if you don’t plan for it and think about it. For example if you weights are going to be vastly different, use a separate bar for things like preacher curls. Use a lot more pin weight machines, this is more beneficial in terms of changing the weights quickly! and don’t be distracted, the time they take to do their set is your rest, not longer again! you are there to train, get a coffee to chat after 🙂 and with this in mind, this is the reason that I am able to train with Three people, not just two! During the week my sessions are alone, and they are the same time that it is when I set up a program for the three of us.

I choose my time carefully though. I wouldn’t go with three people at peak hr as you will see it is about multiple exercises or giant sets! There is also no reason why you can’t do this on your own too, it is tough!

LEGS – for three people

Hack machine (10 reverse, 10 normal) with 1 ½ raised heel dumbbell  squats (10reps) with standing hamstring curls (15 each leg) – repeat 4 times

Single leg leg press (10 reps each leg, 15 reps wide both legs) with straight legged deadlifts (5 with hold and stretch 10 quick) with leg extenstions (30, hold on every 10) – repeat 5 times

Walking lunges ( unweighted about 20) with reverse cross lunges (5 each side alternating) with sumo squats (5 slow and hold, 25 fast) – repeat three times

ARMS – for three people

Dumbbell Skull crushers (12 reps) with dips (20) with rope extensions (10-12) – repeat 4 times

Barbell tricep extensions (20 full reps) with rope bicep curls (10 slow and squeeze, 10 fast) with behind the dumbbell head tricep extension (10-12) – repeat 3 times

Preacher curls (5 slow and squeeze, 10 fast) with 1 1/2rep incline bicep curls (10 reps) with elbows back barbell curls (15reps) – repeat 4 times *the last lot of barbell curls complete as 7 lower, 7 top and 10 full


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