Raw Apricot coconut and almond cake

Raw Apricot coconut and almond cakeΒ 
Apricot coconut and almond cake

Apricot coconut and almond cake

50g raw almonds
1Tsp honey
1tsp almond butter heated
1tsp coconut oil melted
2tbsp coconut milk
25g raw soaked cashews
1/8tsp gelatine dissolved in tbsp boiling water
1/4c coconut oil melted
Shredded coconut (about 1/4c)
125g stewed apricots
1Tsp vanilla
1/4tsp genuine dissolved in a tbsp boiling water
Get your cashews soaking in some boiling water first
Line a mini cake tin
Place all base ingredients into a processor and blitz till well combined and press into the base. Set aside
Add all your filling ingredients except the shredded coconut into the processor or blender and process until the cashews are smooth. Pour over the base and place in the fridge for about half hr.
Once partially set sprinkle your coconut overtop
Make your topping by again adding everything to a processor and combining till nice and smooth and pour over the coconut
Place in the fridge to set overnight!
Easy πŸ™‚
Note: always dissolve your gelatine before adding to the rest of the ingredients and I used powder
You could change any of the topping to another fruit or switch to cashews and cashew butter for the base too πŸ™‚
Apricot coconut and almond cake

Apricot coconut and almond cake


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