Christmas Time

Christmas is right around the corner. And I know many people are completely divided on their love for this say of the year.

Perhaps it’s the additional stress of the day, the early morning, the added cost, the present purchasing fees and thought process, the decorations that need to go up, the tinsel that makes such a mess, the dressing up only sit around at the family’s house all day and play nice, the overeating of delicious food and the guilt that sinks in after, then the cleaning up once the guests leave and the day is over.. For another year.

I make it sound so appealing don’t I. But believe it or not, I love Christmas. In fact it’s my favorite time of year!

It’s the holidays, a new year, changes, bonuses, and smiling faces from a present received, I get just as excited about giving as what I do receiving, the cooking and smells, the delicious food and seeing everyone enjoy it, sitting outside and enjoying some wine hopefully in the shining sun. I love the Christmas decorations from the 1st December till the 1st of Jan, The Christmas carols, and all the Christmas movies on TV, the days off work, dressing up for a day occasion and spending time with those most important to me, then its new years and a new year begins. I do enjoy Christmas and everything the time of year brings.

I am not overly religious, and that’s not the reason I love Christmas, but I guess I have some beliefs, but we won’t get into that here.

When I was a kid, I remember tucking myself into bed at 5 in the afternoon, determined that if I went to sleep earlier the next day would come faster.. well tats how the theory works right? I was the last to sleep that night.

Another year I ate a huge bag of cherries my nan had bought, I ended up vomiting them all up that night, and spent Christmas day in my PJs.

I was convinced I saw Santa once, putting up out trampoline outside.. And one year I cried in hysterics because we were having a thunder storm so bad that I didn’t think Santa would make it through it. There was another year I just missed him, mum and dad saw him though, they were sitting on the couch (I got a bike that year) and they must have sat there and watching him unpack our presents, I was told to go back to bed or Santa would take them back.

Finally one year I looked in the back of the car after school one day when mum and been shopping and saw CD players, one for me and my sisters… They still came from Santa that year though and I didn’t question it. It’s amazing what he mind ignores when it wants to believe.

Every year we left out a glass of milk and a carrot for lovely Santa, and as we got older that milk became a beer.

Christmas is more for the kids, but how often do you hear of adults enjoying watching the kids movies with them, and that its one of the best things about having kids of nieces or nephews as they can now watch them.. I think some adults got more into Frozen then the children did after all.. my favorite is Olaf to btw.

So with the countdown on, and a short 28 days away, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?


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