My Top 10 hates at a gym – in no order

This came about as a moment of thought, more than something actually being a prompt for me to write it. But of recent events one significant one i have noticed is a certain couple of people that dot he same thing day in day out. So with this in mind, here’s my list. It could be longer but I don’t want you to think that everything annoys me!

  1. Spending too long on a machine – Now it depends what you are doing, if you are doing a heap of drop sets, actually continually working and present at your machine at all times then sure it is tolerable. But if you are performing a routine 10 sets, 10 reps, minute or two rests in-between, or perhaps you are using the machine in among a circuit. Then don’t hover on top of the machine the whole time. If you see someone eying it off, as people do and too often the other person just keeps their eyes glued to the floor to avoid eye contact, offer to let another person jump in-between sets. If you are courteous to them they will be the same to you and your time. After all we are therefore the same thing
  2. Phone time – There is a time and a place. I understand those all-important phone calls that can’t be missed, but if they are going to be a long one, clear up your stuff and move away, let someone else use what you are. Leave the gym area too, we don’t all want to hear your phone conversation or the swearing at the work colleague because the job didn’t get done. On top of this, it’s equally as rude to sit there on your phone for extended periods of time texting, Facebooking, instagraming, email responding, playing games or spending forever finding that perfect pump song. Getting your phone out can be a great time waster between sets, but hats what it is, and soon enough your breaks are 2minutes long not 30seconds. Put your phone down, have a set gym playlist, your workout will be more intense and you won’t annoy people thinking you are being a time waster. I won’t pretend I haven’t done it before, I have and I know that I don’t train as hard and I take longer.
  3. Getting held up for long talks – If I wanted to come to the gym for a social occasion and prolonged talk I would hang out in reception, makeup on and coffee in hand. But I’m not, I’m in the weights room and I am trying to get a workout done with maintained intensity and focus. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with going to the gym to be social, there are plenty of people that do it, in our time poor days for some people it really is the only way to get a few things done at once, combining a gym session, kid free and social minus a calorie intake, I get the appeal. But it’s not what I do, not because I have more time than anyone else but I hate wasted time. So unless we are training together I prefer a polite, hi, how are you and I will catch up with you later scenario, and even if we are training together, it’s still not the time for a deep and meaningful about your boyfriend sorry, I generally won’t have the brain capacity to focus on the two things or care. Some people have taken this as rude, but I’m just focused on my goals. And now you have read this you will know it’s not personal.
  4. Bags carried around the gym – I mean really, why? There is plenty of bag racks, wall space, lockers in all gyms. Seriously what’s more important in your bag than mine? I mean I can’t say this is a deal breaker for me but I think it’s a little pointless, inconsiderate of the often limited gym floor space that gyms have anyway, not to mention just more mess on the floor and surely that is an OH&S? If you have valuables leave them in your car and rack your bag.
  5. Groups of 3 or more training together – The concept of this doesn’t bother me, in fact I have don’t this before myself, but the speed at which they move is a bother. When I do this, I consider not taking up to much equipment, maybe using floor space and a machine instead, I avoid peak hr times, as its busy enough without a group rooming around, and I aim for the intensity in the workout I would achieve on my own. When I see these groups, often young teenagers getting ready for their festival season, stingers and billy’s, they take up one machine for the course of 25minutes and I don’t even know why they take a jumper off they can’t possible work up a sweat. So if this is a squat rack they are occupying you can imagine the frustration. At least appear to be working hard thanks.
  6. Starers – Okay I get that maybe people aren’t sure of what the exercise I am doing is, or why, perhaps they are trying to learn or genuinely think I’m retarded. But when you start to stare so much it makes me think I have a black eye I wasn’t aware of or maybe I forgot to shave my underarms for the last 6months. If you would like to clarify, ask something, jump in or make a suggestion, I would rather you just ask. I am a helper by nature and will happily inform you of why or what I am doing.
  7. Poor form- As I mentioned above, I am naturally a helper, but on top of that a perfectionist and a control freak. This makes me seeing poor form in the gym oh so painful and I generally even up removing myself from the situation. A gym full of mirrors though and I can’t help but continue to notice it. What makes a person think that a top half quarter squat will work, a lower half quarter squat will as you retain tension, have they ever observed others form or read up on technique? What bothers me more is when you know they know re a trainer and then you see poor form. Have you ever wondered why you aren’t seeing results or maybe you get injury? I think this is your answer. Equally as annoying is seeing the same person do the same thing, day in, day out, the results are the same. I shouldn’t care to be honest, it’s not my body and not my problem but I can’t stop myself.
  8. Consistent out of order signs – We come to use the equipment, not read. Things get damaged and I understand that but if it happens so often that I can only do a leg press once every month or two, I think there is an issue with your supplier. In addition to this, while not a point itself, temperature control is important too, I have left a gym before because it’s like Antarctica in winter and the Sahara desert in summer with no breeze. People are training, temperature control is important!
  9. Grunting – Okay I have let out a little grunt before, on my last few reps of a squat, or a leg press or a compound movement I think this is okay, if it is your maximum load and you are struggling to complete it a grunt or extended breath out really can help you finish your rep, whether literally or more of a mental belief that it does. But if you are going to grunt from rep warm up to completion then I think you need your own gym, or find somewhere that its tolerated. I think it comes across as a form of arrogance that you ‘think’ you are working harder than everyone else, that you want everyone to look at you and the weight you are doing and you want some recognition. So when you walk out of the gym with your tires under your arms and chin up, that’s what those looks are for.

Rant over.



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