I have never been one to necessarily believe in horoscopes, fate, destiny, fortune telling or alike. But sometimes its the uncanny occurrence of events or information that lead you to question if our paths really are mapped out for us, and whether who we are really is defined by the stars.

I got onto this topic because of my housemate. She went to someone like a fortune teller,Β  can not remember the correct terms for it and she was told some interesting things. Some items were obvious to her, things that maybe I could have pointed out if I didn’t know her and was observant enough, but others have happened to become true, have shown themselves in ways that have surprised her and made her think, ‘hey it was suggested this would happen..’ One point in particular was the suggestion that she would have a female house mate at some point in the future, at the time her thought was no way, she was content having the place to herself, and if someone had said it to me, I would have said as if, that’s in Hobart, the other end of the state and I have a partner. But oh how things change, and here I am, living with her in Hobart with a new job and basically a new life!

The the other night we spent some time discussing our horoscopes, out of curiosity my friend had googled hers and it had told her some interesting things. As she read it out, I could agree with so many. While some concepts seemed more subtle than others I could see these personality traits that were described, the fears and issues that arise with her sign, the strengths and weaknesses and everything in between. While some provided us with a good laugh, it got me to want to do my own, and so that I did.

My star sign; Virgo which starts on the 24th of August means I fall on the starting day. I’m a Virgo, naturally my twin is and my mother too. But when I read my star sign I see more of me in it then my mother or my sister.

So, my star sign informs me that I have strengths in the words: analytical, observant, helpful, reliable and precise. my weakness keywords would be; skeptical, fussy, inflexible, cold and interfering. I think most of these are spot on. Looking at my personality I do often try to help people, this can also be taken to far and I become interfering. I am very observant and will notice when things are moved or people change their stories, and I will point it out. I am very fussy and therefore a clean freak and inflexible comes along with that in being fussy about things and generally it can be ‘my way or no way,’ while I am aware I do this, the inflexibility in me stops me being able to prevent myself! I am analytical and love numbers, facts and figures and working things out, and I will be skeptical of new information or concepts until I am shown or read proof – I google everything. I like to be accurate in what I do, and I like to be the one to do them. I have been described as cold before or with a difficult personality, I will tell things how it is and sometimes this can come across in the wrong light, once people know me they tend to accept it’s how I am.

The rest of my horoscope goes on to describe me as being very independent, and use my intelligence to get things done myself, this is true, I dislike having to wait on people to do things for me, if I can do it myself I will do just that, not out of annoyance but I like to see things come together and I like even more to be kept informed and in the loop – This was another item mentioned in my horoscope, and I have often found myself asking who/what/when/why questions of items that may not concern me.. I just want to be involved!

As a Virgo, I do not like things that are pointless, there needs to be a reason. I do not like aimless conversations and will sooner end one with no point then be involved as it will cause me frustration. I will close a topic even if there is no final agreement. I will also analyses everything you say and do, everything has a point and I want something to think about. because of these, I can also be easily wound up, and I know this is true, i am an easy target to piss off.

For friendship I am described as being a friend people look up too. I am logical, a straight thinker and solve problems in a logical manner. Ignoring the friendship component and I think this is about right, often I will back up an answer or an issue with logically accessing why it has happened and having an answer supporting with information that I know. I would not tend to aimlessly criticize something for no reason. In further content of friendship some can find me cold and unemotional, based on the fact that I live in my mind and thoughts more than emotions.. This is not a concept I have not been told before. It is in my nature to try and control, analysis and help a friend out, when it may not be wanted, but with my intention of trying to help them improve. I know I do this, and sometime I have taken on my friends concerns to an extent that has weighed me down, but that’s what friends are for.

I am assumed to be intelligent, a problem solver, analytical and a people reader. I know that I do love a problem and being able to pull it apart to find the answer, perhaps that why I enjoyed maths so much, but I never really enjoyed science, thought he two go together, I have determined that this is because maths has a process of methodical steps while science is unknown and I question myself to much. I will happily take over a project and take charge, voice my opinion if I think my method of doing it is a better one, which I have been told before to step back and let others give it a go. I have learnt to do this more but it is a conscious effort to bite my tongue and not be miss bossy!

As a Virgo I apparently tend not to plunge into things, analysis of everything is required before making change from a vacation to work, making them slow to make a decision. This is something I disagree with. I am generally a quick thinking, and a quick dooer. While sometimes moving to fast means I make a mistake or allow myself to then dwell on the choice I have made I tend to do things quicker than most and find myself inpatient waiting on others, hence why I do things myself, I can not stand to wait, even if I know its unreasonable not to. Sometimes it is not even about the task being done for me, but to know that the task is in the process and acknowledged that can sooth my nerves.

I am described as being an organizer. This is true, to the T. And when this one came up my housemate did crack a laugh. I am organized with all my cooking ingredients labelled in containers, with my day to day routine and knowing what time of day things will be done, started and completed. I am organized in a way that if someone makes plans with me it cannot be a ‘yeah maybe we will hang out on the weekend’ I need to know the when and where as well and confirm it so I can plan everything else in conjunction with it. When I plan a trip, I like everything to be booked and confirmed immediately, and I want copies of the itinerary so I know what is going on. I will write myself countless lists, for everything. From shopping lists, to packing for a night away, holiday packing, to do lists and cleaning lists, lists help clear my head so I feel I wont forget things. This creates order for me, and something that is needed for a Virgo. I am told not to over analyze a situation or event and My mother has told me on countless times to stop over analyze the situation and to let things go sometimes. Only recently I have noticed I have don’t this to a recent person, and I have to pull myself away. Sometimes I can overstress, and tire myself from not doing anything expect worry and try to get everything right in my head, as if thinking about it so much will make it happen how I want.. This of course isn’t true, and only effects my mood or sleep. Its a delicate balance really.

Now to date me, according to my reading you will need to get used to my cold, tell it how it is personality. Be prepared for a passionate person with a strong mind and a will to be right. I will worry about something that may sometimes seem unnecessary to you but important to me, which needs to be accepted. I don’t like to show my emotions as it would feel vulnerable and therefore this links to my colder personality. I like to be impressed, I like to take things show, I can be old fashioned in my viewsΒ  (haha yes) and I like to be looked after. I don’t need to be taken out every night of the week but I appreciate the effort more than you realize. I like to see the guy work for it. – Basically I think I can agree with all concepts.

While our star sign isn’t the only form of fate and fortune telling we can use, we can use the Chinese birth year, Indian horoscopes vary, palm reading, card reading and everything in between.

I think you can take what you want from these types of things. If you are close minded, you will think of every way possible to prove that what you are being told isn’t true or has no connection. But if you want to believe that some things do have a purpose and that there are things about ourselves we can be told even if we don’t want to hear them, then maybe everything does happen for a reason…

want to read yours? here


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