Reverse Diet – an update

So, I wrote a blog previously explaining what reverse dieting was, along with a brief overview of the who, what, when, wheres and how.

So in that time I am up to week number three. Now while it has been a number of weeks since my last competition, 6 weeks to be exact. In that time I did move to Hobart therefore the commencement of my reverse diet was somewhat delayed for this reason. So when I got it mid week, it was the following Monday that I starts.

Initially there were no changes, except to split up my carbs that I ate. I would have the majority of my carbs after a workout now, even if i trained at night i would have them when i finished then the remainder would be at dinner. This carb intake started at about a 40g carbs post workout and 20g carbs at dinner (this is about 200g sweet potato post workout and another 100g at dinner).

Each week there has seen an increase in my diet requirements. I have slowly upped my carb intake, but still continuing to keep these as separate intakes post workout and dinner, as well as increasing my fats and reducing my cardio times.

So into week three and I am sitting at 300g post workout of sweet potato (about 60gcarbs) and 120g of basmati/quinoa at dinner (About 30gcarbs) and with all non carbohydrate meals I am eating 10g of fats, that’s about 1/2 and avocado, 2tsp oil/butter or ten nuts. My cardio is now down to 10min HIIT sessions and if I decide to walk only for 25 mins not the previous 40! this gives me much more time. So i am not considering condensing my HIIT sessions into 3 20min ones a week rather than the 6 10minutes, as this will work more in my favour to have whole days of no cardio.

In addition to these training day changes I also have carbs on non training days. While decreased to a training day, it is now still appealing to take a rest, where previously I wouldn’t want to break as I loved my carbs so much I wouldn’t want to miss out! I can certainly say I have noticed the different I have plenty of energy and I haven’t actually put on any weight, but do feel as though I look fuller/healthier.

I continue to have high levels and unmeasured vegetables and huge variety. I continue to take all my vitamins, minerals and supplements, my BCAAs, pre-workout as needed, glut-amine, protein powder etc. To me these are not a competition component. They are something that I use to gte the best out of MY body, for recovery, for progress, for the beneficial feeling of that extra kick that sometimes an early morning session just calls for!

So, I still have three weeks of this cycle of reverse dieting left, in two weekend I will meet with my trainer for an assessment. She will take my skinfolds (scary) and after the 6 weeks is over, will provide me with another six week plan. I will then be up to hopefully a maintainable body weight, a good carb intake and a good working metabolism! Ready for when I choose to compete again next! 2016, here I come πŸ˜‰



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