changing gyms, overtime

I always thought I wouldn’t change gyms, and I mean technically I still haven’t as I still hold my original membership. But overtime my interests have changed, experiences, the people I am with, location and needs have influenced me to change the gym that I once loved. I would say that I used to be a member of Pycsam Gym in Launceston. I have been since I was in year 12 at school when I won the membership. And I joined up, having had some decent amount of time aware from sports as I had quit soccer; it was time to get active and moving again.

I joined up and it was great, I had my license by this stage so getting to the gym was easy. Prior to this I never really had a membership because I just couldn’t get there. We lived out of town and with three other siblings, forcing mum to come and get me as I wouldn’t make the bus home just wasn’t an option.

I have been there ever since, that’s nearly 5 years now.

Over this time, I have had multiple training partners, some consistent, some less so, some based on similar interest and others just because it happened, but nothing permanent. I originally started out being a cardio bunny, and loads of classes, x55 (legs and butt), pump, spin, glide, boxing, you name it I loved it, and often back to back classes. Essentially I over trained! Once I got into the fitness comps, my training changed from this style to weights, with a touch or cardio, and my gym still provided me with my needs. My team for the comps including trainers and other competitors also resided here so it continued to make sense to stay. However it’s a warehouse, it’s a great use of space, but cement floors, in Tasmania, a shed, in the blazing summer months. It wasn’t overly pleasant in either extreme. It has also come to my attention that heaters are going in pre next winter; however that is irrelevant to me now.

For the last few months, I have also been paying casual arranged visits to another club in Launceston, Health and Fitness, one of the longest standing gyms in Launceston. I won’t lie, the arrangement there never appealed to me prior to starting weight lifting. I had only ever set foot in their before I had the knowledge of what it meant to work out and what each machine did. I remember how daunting stepping foot into the weights section used to be, so my first look at Health and fitness and this was what I saw. However this was also the gym most people went to when I was at school. So, I ended up becoming a casual member there due to my training partner, this was his gym, he brought me along to help me prep. In this time I become more familiar with the gym and style, I liked the equipment as it was, it took me away from being snobby about using new stuff. It had more equipment for my needs, creating versatility in my workouts which was just what I needed. It also had new people, and really nice people. They had a show board for all those that compete, which I thought was amazing, one that I am now a part of and I think important to praise the achievements of their valued members. I have formed friendships and I want to go there when I am home.

Speaking of home, this is why the major changes have come.

I moved to Hobart, the other end of the state. Which now means I can’t attend either Pycsam or Health and Fitness during weekdays, so it would seem silly to have two of these memberships just for a weekend wouldn’t it? My plans on a weekend are to continue training with Kieran, as he now preps for his own comps I am now helping him as he helps me, I like getting some of my supps off Jess and seeing her chatty face and love a catch up, and so I would rather go there as well. And although my dad loves to train with me, and this was the added bonus of me being at Pycsam, for him this was why he joined there, I cannot justify the retention of this for that one purpose at the additional cost when the cons outweigh the pros for leaving.

Since being in Hobart I have found myself gym hopping. My new employer, Bulk Nutrients, is in the process of completing its gym at work, (in Grove) which is 20 minutes out of town) this is perfect, for weekdays. I can finish work, or come down early and get my sessions done. But when it comes to a weekend session, I am not really inclined to drive this far just for a session when I live a couple of minutes from one… Petrol is costing me enough already. So on the weekends I do not go to Launceston and kill myself in health and fitness, I need somewhere to train. So far I have been jumping between Zaps, genesis and the aquatic center, I even tried out an anytime fitness. Genesis is not the best, when it comes to a leg work out there is not enough equipment, but if you wanted classes its perfect and the staff are always super friendly, but it’s also located city center, so when I am not working in the city this is somewhat of an inconvenience. It also opens at 6 and when I start at 730, and it takes me 30minutes to drive to work, again this does not suit. So I am choosing not to stay there as well, I can only access this one based on my Pycsam membership, which has reciprocal rights. Anytime fitness, in no way appealed to me, but I thought I would try it out. Zap however, I have loved. Collins Street is my favorite it is big, and has leg equipment I previously hasn’t utilized, like hip abductors and standing glute press; it’s always nice for something different.

So after stealing my friend’s membership swipper while he has been in China, for far too long and I hope he isn’t in trouble when he gets back, I became a Zap member yesterday. Now I feel less sneaky. I can use this wherever I go, including Launceston if I ever get sick of health and fitness (but I doubt it). The guys I work with are also Zap members so should I want to have a session with any of them, this is now doable! I also love their opening times, which are 24hrs. So if I have an early flight or something like that then I am able to train still, I’m a morning person so this suits me just fine and perfect for my working schedule. As I don’t care much for classes any more Zap is also perfect, as it has none, So I am not paying for that component that I am not using, it is also the cheapest of all the memberships! The catch? I still have my Pycsam membership, because it’s on a contract, which costs me to break, and I don’t want to pay it, although it will cost more to keep as well, but small installments means I don’t notice right? Ahah I will still have this until September next year, and I need to get someone to take it over. I have pushed this on social media and hopefully someone does take it for me. I don’t think it necessary at all to have two, or three, or four for that matter which is what I seem to have at the moment.

But I think I have a lot of knowledge on what gyms suit in this area depending on what you are after.

Now if this blog doesn’t make sense in any points, it became to long for me to be bothered to proof read. So the words are written as they come into my head, which can be jumbled. But hopefully you get the point.

What has been your experience with gyms? Are you a loyal one gym member all your life, follow the crowd to the newest place or go for the social aspect, classes or maybe a childcare dictates your location? Interesting to get peoples feedback!


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