This week i work at 7:30-4, last week was 8:30-5. so this means my training may later from mornings to nights. This morning though I did manage to get myself out of bed for a 5am session! this was quiet an achievements, and legs tomorrow, so if i choose to do this again I think I will be needing some pre-workout and perhaps my no cardio day!

This morning was shoulders, and reducing my cardio by another 5 minutes, so I am down to a 10-12 minutes HIIT session on the exercise bike. As my previous post on reverse dieting mentioned, the overall aim is to bring me back to no cardio!


Dumbbell shoulder press – 5 sets – 15, 12, 10, 8, 8 reps superset with side raises – lead with elbows – 10 reps

seated shoulder press – 4 sets – 20 reps of single arms (so ten in total) with 5 presses (both arms)

Seated dumbbell side raises with one armed rear delts (laying on your side) – 10 side raises and 20 rear delt

Seated rear delt flys – 3 sets- 10 reps each

Seated rear delt flys – 1 triple drop set.




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