Where do you want to go?

I think we all have our own desire to see the world, see our own backyard or perhaps we are content to remain on dry land. Either way it is fun to get out and explore, see different things and experience other cultures.

My last trip was to Sydney, and before that to Brisbane, these were both work/competition related so short and sweet visits, with a purpose and therefore the areas not explored a great deal. I think that can be a common occurrence when you travel domestically. I love QLD, in particular Noosa, and this is an area I have spent and explored a lot. I have been there so often now I no longer need to cram the days with tourist things, but more relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Sometimes holidays like this are nice, and we just need to get away from the hustle and bustle that is life.

Prior to these two smaller trips though I went to America, (cant believe that was nearly a year ago!) for the Christmas and new years break. It was a total of 4 weeks across Vegas, new york, San Fransisco, Orlando and Mexico. With this many stops in that amount of time, in different countries you can imagine we were super busy jam packing our time with the Grand Canyon, Hoover dam, shopping, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, Christmas, New Years, theme parks, snorkeling, Alcatraz and everything in between. It was go go go but so many memories come from that.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona

So, my next holiday. I have one planned – to Bali in the New Year – this I plan to be fairly relaxing, it will be hot, I will be on holidays but I am with my parents (circumstances have seen them come o the trip with me!) and they are very good at being tourists and filling their days. That’s okay too, I cant wait to see the new culture, eat their food and I am very excited to try a traditional cooking class. My housemate Tracy has done one while over there and she said it was one of the best things she did, while they can be expensive it is one thing to read a recipe and create something it is another to have the first hand experience so this will be a must do.

Bali - Seminyak

Bali – Seminyak

I also want to travel to Japan. I love Japanese food, and Asian food in general. This trip isn’t booked yet, but it is my planned next holiday. affordable and an interest of mine. I do not have a time in mind just yet. I am considering whether I go for the cherry blossoms which are gorgeous or if I want to go in the winter as I do also love skiing and haven’t done this since New Zealand in 2011, I think this would be a lot of fun too. But after my experience of America in the winter, it has somewhat turned me off winter time travel… the cold and the amount of clothes you need to pack! My travel partner for this trip is also a TBA, but that’s okay I have a few friends I would LOVE to travel with! we just have to make it work.

Japanese cherry blossoms

Japanese cherry blossoms

Japanese skiing season

Japanese skiing season

Looking into the further future, I think I plan my next trip to be to Europe. I would love, in particular to go to Turkey, Greece, London, Rome, Venice and Croatia and many more!. I wouldn’t do a contiki tour, although very beneficial I feel they are the same thing that everyone does, and you tend to see the mainstream places, in addition they do emphasis a party life, which I am not a huge fan of. I love a drink, and socially having fun but i hate the feeling of being out of control.. Europe is actually my number one destination to travel too, if it had been up to me I may have done this before America, not that I never wanted to go to America either! This planned/unplanned trip will be later on as it will require more savings. I figured a few smaller more affordable trips in the meantime before another large one of 4-8 weeks. I think this time frame is needed for Europe and still not everywhere will be seen. It is a place that 4-5 locations will be chosen and explored and more than likely go back to a favorite next time and some new ones. While Japan interests me so much for the food and the experience with their culture and sports, Europe has me intrigued by the history more than anything.




So from all of this, I can see my bank account growing and looking impressive, only to be drained. But drained life experiences and shared memories that will never be replace.

If only I could do it all now…


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