motivation after your show

It can be a common issue for many people. the question; ‘now what?’ Now the show is over what am I training for, what is my goal, how will I know if I succeed and what can I use to motivate me and stay on track?

It can be because of this that some people can lose track a bit, and struggle with the concept of what to eat, and become very conscious of themselves, more than they should be.

I know of people tat develop a unhealthy relationship with food and become scared to eat so much as a strawberry as it wasn’t on their competition diet. Sure if you couldn’t eat it then you cant eat it now and maintain your comp body, but that’s not healthily maintainable anyway. Trust me, what you see in the mirror and think looks good all lean and ripped up, looks pretty extreme to the everyday person.

But this doesn’t mean you still can’t stay lean, healthy, active, fit and motivated. Upping your food through a reverse diet is one of the best ways to increase and put on healthy weight and still live. Introducing foods slowly not all at once so you don’t scare the metabolism to much that all the weight is stored as fat.

Some people rely on a goal, they ned something to work towards. Something this idea of a goal is developed from having one for so long it becomes a loss of what to do without it.

For me, my goal is the reverse diet as mentioned. I aim to increase my calories (good calories) over an extended period of 12 weeks, and reduce my cardio to near nil, this will get me to a healthy and maintainable weight and a healthy figure. I think this is important for me, having completed 6 comps within a time frame of 18 months this can take a huge toll on the body. For others it may be suggested to think of summer, book a photo shoot or perhaps aim to complete a marathon or something still physically challenging but something different that interests you.

Knowing that it is healthy to up your body fat, don’t beat yourself up over a missed training or cardio session as your body will thank you for the rest. Rewarding yourself once a week or special occasions and listening to your body more. All of these work together to create that healthy and more maintainable lifestyle that you want to achieve.

For those that have struggled with any motivation or the concept of not competing or even how to maintain, I would love to hear your comments!


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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