My Plans

So, this years competitions have come to an end. Season B is complete and what does that mean for me and my fitness competitions? I have had a lot of people asking me lately what I want to do, or mree to the point, when will be my next show…To be honest I don’t know when that will be and just becuase people ask the question, I don’t at this point have the desire to give them an answer. I do not see a show in the coming future that I am thinking ‘yes, I must compete in this one,’ although being exposed to shows always encourages me to want to get involved myself and don the bikini again. At this stage, I want to do fitness competitions, not bikini as I did the other week. Although I placed and I think I looked good enough it was not the division for me and therefore not one I wish to step into again. So this means that if I feel I need to take a year or two off to develop myself to t e standard I need to be to be competative in that division then so be it! Not only is this my long term plan, to increase my development and size, but not with a goal end date in mind, I am also excited to have a social life and take the oppertunities that come up in a new city and new working environment.

Though these competition preps, you often forgo many oppertunities, dinners, drinks, birthdays and other occassions for the purpose of your goal. For me this is one aspect I am happy to move away from. As I have changed to a new job a new city and I want to be lively, meet people and enjoy myself, I think I need to be not dieting to achieve this, But don’t be confused, not deting to me means I enjoy myself at these occassionals, rather than every meal.

I want to take advantage of oppertunity to travel, I will be off to Bali in January and I want to enjoy the food and culture. I also want ot head to Japan at some stage.And being, as you probably know a huge foodie, I want to experience all of this as well.

The future holds so many exciting oppertunities and I am only 22, there is ample time for competitions!


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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