Reverse Dieting

The concept of a reverse diet is interesting. How is it done and why? It is a common thought that after a competition, as I am just now, that you can just jump back into a ‘normal’ diet. Ie eat when you want, what you want, basically what you were doing before the thought of a competition came about. And certinaly, you can. The outcome of blowing out and eating everything in sight if often the result rather than keeping weight off, but it all depends on the individual and self disapline.

Previously after competitions I have maintained my leaness, and continued to watch what I eat while after others I have worked at ‘bulking’ up and increasing my intake to gain muscle. One resulted in me becoming too skinny, the other results in my matabolism being slightly effected from previous post comp diets and not wanting to let go of the new found weight once it was there, which is not ideal.

The concept and purpose of reverse dieting therefore is to ease the body back into additional caolories, still good calories, I will never consider having a big mac meal for lunch or dinner normal. This addition of calories like upping your carbs, fats and protein is done over a period of time. Each week increasing one, some or all components by certain amounts so your body can get used to the addition and learn to burn and process it, rather than be shocked of the large new food intake and hold onto every new calorie consumed. This steady increase continues until you gain enough healthy weight that is needed, because yes weight will need to be put on after a compeotion. Once you have then found your ‘steady state’ and ‘maintainable diet’ what fits within your allowance can then be altered to suit your taste but this can then help up you from a potential 1,500per day calorie intake to a 2-2,500 per day intake of healthy fats, protein and carb intake.

This will be my first go at an official reverse diet through my trainer and I am interested to see what it contains and the increases and additions we make. Personally I hope for a banana and maybe oats and berriesm perhaps even peanut butter? yum! Now of course I know I can just choose to add these in myself, why not it cant be that bad for you right? But I want to do this properly as I know how it is designed to work and want to see the results, otherwise its like seeing two different trainers and following part of each plan, you would never really know whos did or didnt work. I think putting on some additional weight, feeling good as well and heathy will be good for my body which desperatly needs to step away from the intense dieting I have put myself through.

Watch this space


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