INBA Nationals and Sydney Muscle and Model Fitness Expo

Over the last few weeks my competition season has come to an end. All the build up to these last couple of shows is complete and sometimes it can make you feel at something of a loss about what to do with you time now you are no longer ‘having’to diet, train and meet certain requirements. Although my lifestyle does not necessarily change, I love to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, continue with my 5 smaller meals a day, drink the required amount of water, take my vitamins and minerals and maintain an active lifestyle that includes weights and occasional bouts of cardio. It becomes nice not to HAVE to, that if I am catching a 6am flight to another state to have to think about how, when and were I will fit my required session in, to finish a session and not have to do cardio but do it if I want too, and to enjoy the social occasions of birthdays, and work functions that I would once have sat tot he side for. I will never lower my workout intensity, I want to be better then I was before, and to do that more work must be done. I think sometimes people think that after a competition everything that you did was for the competition only and can be stopped, but shouldn’t it be for yourself and making you feel good and utalising what you learn to maintain this healthy lifestyle and good feeling?

Now, back to topic.

Two and a half weeks ago, it was the INBA National Titles, which i competed in the fitness category. In the final 2 weeks I managed to drop 2.1% and 4kgs of weight, a result I needed if I had any hope of stepping on stage. Now what caused this rapid weight lose? Or perhaps weight retention? In my case stress, while I have always been a stressed person a busy lifestyle and a lot on, I had added stress of moving house, applying for a job and other personal stresses that influenced my sleep and therefore my cortisol level. Once this stress was reduced, this weight did fall away, my diet and training was not altered, except of course for the obvious involvement of deplete week.

My competition day was great, but even better when it was over. It was an immensely long day, I was not on stage for my first showing until 5:45pm and then not again until 9:15pm. This results in aimless sitting around in between divisions and mostly cranky competitors with sore backs that can’t eat, sit around properly as they are at risk of ruining their tan in doing so as well as the inability to really go out afterwards and enjoy a nice mean as the show finishes to late. The show started at 4, and I believe the suggestion to start a show earlier rather than later was quickly brought up after completion, for the need of the competitors and the audience presence.

posing - INBA nationals

posing – INBA nationals

posing - INBA nationals

posing – INBA nationals

So, how I went in this show, I entered only the Open Division, as I no longer qualify for novice or intermediate. I did not receive a call out, and there were 32 people in my category. But that’s okay, the size of these girls was something I am not in league with just yet and they were learner then I was, and probably should have been.

Sydney Muscle and Model Show - bikini

Sydney Muscle and Model Show – bikini

The weekend just passed, and I competed in the Sydney Muscle and Model show. In between these two shows I had two weeks, I changed jobs, moved to the other end of the state, started my new job, completed another deplete week and did drop some body fat, I also entered the bikini division this time round, to use it as a tester as to how I would look in this division instead. I traveled over with the Bulk team, and i worked for them on the Saturday before painting on my tan and getting ready in Sydney with the help of many hands. I will never underestimate the help of decent makeup, and experienced competitors for a show even if it is your 6th! I competed at 2:30pm this time, a much more enjoyable time, time to eat a few favorite foods post comp, rest up, get freshened up and head out for dinner. Int his show, I placed, I was put in 5th place, and I could not be happier. Although I choose never to do this division again I don’t feel it is something I am made for and fitness is better suited to me, I will take the time off I need to ensure I become competitive in fitness the next time around. It is the changes in stage presence that move me more in the direction of fitness competitions and a greater self achievement for myself, I am in no way suggesting bikini girls don’t work hard! I know I had too!

Sydney Muscle and Model Show

Sydney Muscle and Model Show

So what did I eat after my competitions? Well in Brisbane after the nationals I had an unintentional piss up, to much red wine, a large combination of Japanese dishes and churros for desert, delish! Sydney I indulged in a thai salad straight after, followed by a clean pumpkin pie, a clean snickers cake and my clean caramel raspberry and macadamia cups before dinner later that night for burgers, sweet potato fries and Max Brenner banana split.

MaxBrenner - banana split waffle sundae and chocolate brownie waffle sundae

MaxBrenner – banana split waffle sundae and chocolate brownie waffle sundae

Now, the plan is a well deserved break. My body needs it, and I want it, especially after moving to a new city where I need to make friends, a social life is a top priority!

But with balance, you can still have your cake and eat it too πŸ˜‰


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