Change can be as good as a holiday.

That’s exactly what I have done.

Recently my life has altered in more ways than one. I competed in my fitness and bikini competitions, nationals and the Sydney Muscle and model expo, I have been prepping for these for some time now, about 16wks so for this to come to an end is a huge change in my daily routine and mental focus, I will talk about my shows in anther blog. I was offered a an audition with master chef that I applied for, however based on my current competitions, another equally exciting opportunity and lack of prep time, I declined to proceed with the audition, a decision I do not regret. The other opportunity I chose over the audition, a job with Bulk Nutrients, working in sales and customer service this has seen me move from a job in finance to a role in the health industry and clearly an area of passion for me. This change in job role has also seen me move away from my home town of Launceston and 2.5hr south to the Tasmanian capital of Hobart. Previously I have not spent a lot of time in Hobart and know little about it or my way around. Thankfully the people I work with are great, I knew a few of them prior to starting and I have a great friend to live with in her home.  This move has been easy, and while I love and value family time immensely, it is only a short drive up for a weekend with them, which is a better alternative than a plane ride.

I have also taken on the additional education for myself of a diploma in business and completing my certificate in personal training, both I believe will benefit me in the job role I am in and personally.

I continue to work on my clean treats, and you may have noticed my absence of blogging recently, I am still cooking, training and everything in between but the changes in roles, competitions and lack of internet at home and focusing on my job at work and not blogging has meant a hold on the writing.

When so many things alter in your life, you feel as though it’s a holiday. It might casue new dramas, new challenges, and a new routine, but it is fun developing them, discovering the changes and altering to suit. Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s comfortable we can forget whats out there for us for fear of not making it work.

I feel my choice to move, change jobs, challenge myself and take time away from competing now I have finished my shows will challenge me to grow, help my body recover and build itself back up as I want to be bigger and better than before and to explore new opportunities that this role can bring.

The opportunities are out there, just don’t make the mistake of thinking they will come to you, you have to chase them, sell yourself and get noticed!


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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