INBA Nationals – update

It’s my turn now, my competition is almost here. In approx. 5 days I will be doing my pump up back stage ready to get on stage! I cannot wait. And although I want this week to go fast, you can guarantee that will not be the case. Probably something to do with the fact that all I am thinking about is bed tonight and my severe lack of energy…

I have watched a couple of shows during my prep, making me excited for my own and willing the weeks to pass quickly. I have been to people’s birthdays, dinners, events and cooked my family and friends dinners and desserts. I have avoided partaking in all of these events and foods for this one event, and it finally seems worth it when you get this close.

When you are at 4 weeks out, that’s the hardest time in my opinion. It is hard to see the end when you have been going for so long, but sure enough its here and now everyone is thinking about their cheat meal afterwards.

I will admit, I feel as though I will be better prepped for my Sydney show in another three weeks time, those few extra weeks should help me to get lean that bit leaner and to have two depletes. However I am more confident in the package I am bringing to nationals now as well. For some time I was nervous with when I would look like. mainly because of my stress levels. I have had some serious stress, from a combination of my personal life, work changes and items such as my car, phone etc. being damaged and requiring replacement. Of course all of these things happened in the space of three weeks. My life was basically turned upside-down and flipped compare to where I was 4-5 weeks ago.

I am now okay with the changes. I think the fact that I now know where things are headed makes the stress disappear. Not to mention I took up green tea, previously I hated it, now I love it. I think it has helped prevent water retention!

So, watch this space. Within a week you will know how I went.

Honestly I don’t mind how I do and hold no expectations, as I know I have done the best job I can given my circumstances. That’s all that matters. Trying your hardest! πŸ™‚


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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