Raw Neapolitan Cake – Again – but BIG

Raw Neapolitan Cake

Raw Neapolitan Cake

So I made a mini cake of this the other day, for the sole purpose of practicing to make this large cake as a request for a friend πŸ™‚

My friend asked me to provide a cake for his work mates birthday, no real guidelines, just something I would recommend, so this was it!

You can view the mini recipe here

but for the large recipe here it is:

Layer 1 base
100g Dates
100g Almond meal
30g Honey
60g Cocoa
60g Coconut oil melted

Layer 2 chocolate
120g No added sugar milk chocolate
80g Coconut oil melted
12g Vanilla
16g Honey
140g Cashews
28g Cocoa

Layer 3 strawberry
140g Cashews
12g Vanilla
20g Honey
80g Coconut oil melted
80g Strawberry jam
40g Desiccated coconut
1tsp pink food colouring (optional)

Layer 4 white chocolate
100g Cacao butter melted
140g Cashews
120g White choc no added sugar
20g Vanilla
20g Coconut oil melted

Layer 5 dark chocolate top
50g No added sugar dark choc
25g Coconut oil

Start the night before, Soak all your cashews together – you can divide into three groups if you want but I just weighed after soaking. Once soaked overnight, drain when ready to start.
Start with layer one, combine everything in the food processor and blitz until combined. Press into your mini cake tin.
Place in fridge until ready
For each layer it’s the same concept.
Blitz your cashews well first. Melt your coconut oil, and any other liquids together and add to the cashews and blitz into a smooth paste.
Pour into your tin placing into the freezer between each process.
When you make the top layer just melt the coconut oil and chocolate together and carefully pour it over your cake and allow to drizzle down the sides – if you don’t want a drizzle just leave in the cake tin for this part for a smooth top finish! You ma not need all the choc up to you. I then waited until set before removing cake from base and onto a more presentable plate!
If you put a thick layer of chocolate, just cut through the choc when it is partly set where you would want your slices to be, that will make it easier to slice later.
Keep in the fridge, It will also freeze fine as well, take out the day before if frozen.
Use a sharp knife to cut and wash in between your slices


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