Curcuit Session

Ah another week, and again I have had more changes happening in my life!
I will dedicate a whole post to that when I get around to sitting down and really writing it, but in the meantime this mornings workout was a circuit session, followed by some abs and a quick HIIT session as requested by my Trainer!

Complete the circuit 5 times, break in between each round!
wide, deep squats – 20reps (I used 40kg barbell)
unweighted walking lunges – at least 20!
standing shoulder press – 20 reps (I used 20kg bar)
unweighted box jumps – 20 reps
burpees – 10 reps
push ups – 20reps (I completed these male version)

After the circuit do an abs circuit: run through this three times:
Ab roller – 30 rolls
toe touches (I used a 5kg plate)

After that, if you have any energy it was a 20minute HIIT session on the bike
45sec off, 30sec on.

now you are done! until tomorrow..


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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