Competition Day – INBA State Titles

The big day was today, for so many Tasmanian and some interstate competitors in classes of bikini, beach body, fitness, physique, figure and bodybuilding classes to now step on the stage and show what they have been working towards for the last varying 10-20 weeks!

The competitors in this last week have found it hard, it is mentally and physically draining, when its monday it is so close, yet still so far away it is hard. But the end is near. As the week wares on Wednesday comes around, hump day and its all seeming a little brighter, for many its the days without carbs but the process is begining, hair appointments, waxings and nails are getting done, the excitement is drawing near. Finally the working week for those that chose to stay is over, and what a relief. The tans begin and its only one more sleep, well as much sleep as they can get when their insides squirm with anticipation and excitement of the following day.

Then the day is here, and it is always a very early morning for those competing, regardless of their stage time, a sleep in just cannot happen once they awake and realise the day is here. So it can be a slow start filled with rice cakes and dreaming of water as their hair, makeup and top coat tans is completed. At the venue and you can take it a bit easier, well that is sit around and de stress and wait for your time. It is a logn wait.

Once your division is called, it becomes a blur, from pump up and eating that little treat before stage and all the final touches it is hard to focus on anything but yourself and you get on stage and do your thing. But the nerves don’t stop there they are hightened once stepping on stage, the bright lights, hearing your name but not seeing who called them and seeing the judges, it was be scary! But if you are in multiple divisions all of a sudden it doesnt seem so bad, it isn’t as hard and you can do it and you begin to enjoy your time on stage. The nerves have gone.

Once all the divions are over it is shear relief, and a bombarding of people telling you how good you looked and you deserved to win, or should have placed higher, all nice comments in their own right. And all you want is some water, or some chocolate, tim tams and peanutbutter, anything you have been drooling over for the last 20 weeks. It tastes amazing and your sugar levels spike, you become like a kid in a candy store wanting more sugar and salt.

Finally it results in a food coma and you crash into your bed that night, happy with your achievements and feelings satisfed. More than likely one last peak at facebook to check out if you have been tagged in any more stage photos or any more wellwishers.

Today and over the last week, all of the above happened, and the competitor of todays competition should not be disheartened at all by how they went even if it didnt meet expectations. This chosen sport is one based on interpritation and conditioning on the day, which can alter based on a number of factors. It is an achievement to get up there and should not be frowned upon in any way.

ProTraining Team

ProTraining Team

All today did for me was enhance my excitement for my own INBA compeition in 3 weeks tme, the nations in Brisbane, and now also the chosen Sydney INBA comp in 5 weeks time. The next 5 weeks will be tough, but oh so worth it.

I can’t wait.



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