Peanut Caramel Protein Slice

Peanut Caramel Protein Slice

Peanut Caramel Protein Slice

Peanut Caramel Protein Slice

For the base;
1/2c oats – quick oats or quinoa oats
1tbsp agave syrup
1tbsp melted coconut oil
1/2 scoop bulk nutrients Vanilla WPI
I use quinoa oats so they are already a fine consistency, if using whole oats whizz in the blender first for about 5-7 pulses to loosen them up a bit. Combine all the ingredients in bowl or blender and once combined press into the base of a lined small loaf pan. Place in the fridge till needed again.

For the filling;
1/2c (130g) natural crunchy peanut butter
20g coconut oil melted
50g sugar-free maple syrup
1/3c (30g) crushed peanuts or other nut
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl except the crushed peanuts/nuts. Pour this over your base layer and even out – I find this easiest by using the back of a spoon run under hot water. Now sprinkle your crushed nuts over top of this and push lightly into the topping. Place back in fridge till needed.

For the topping
70g no added sugar chocolate
1 scoop chocolate Whey Protein – I use Bulk Nutrients WPI
2tsp coconut oil
melt your chocolate and oil together and stir until smooth. Gradually add your protein powder into the mix and whisk in to remove any lumps. Once all added, pour over your peanut layer and shake lightly to smooth out. Place in the fridge for min 1 hr to set. Slice with a hot knife once ready – makes 15 squares.


Note: Feedback has informed me that the topping may seem grainy. this is due tot he addition of protein to the chocoalte. If you want to avoid this, try adding the protein (vanilla or chocolate or even peanut butter if you have it!) to the filling instead then just make a smooth chocolate topping as per the recipe!

Peanut Caramel Protein Slice

Peanut Caramel Protein Slice

Peanut Caramel Protein Slice

Peanut Caramel Protein Slice


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5 Responses to Peanut Caramel Protein Slice

  1. susan says:

    I just made this recipe, I dont think it worked out very well..
    I haven’t tried to slice it yet, but the base seemed really crumbly, even after adding a little extra coconut oil, and the topping was quite grainy with the protein powder (I used bulk nutrients WPI like you), when I tasted it the chocolate/coconut oil component melted away and left me with protein powder residue that kind of stuck in my teeth.
    where did I go wrong? or is everything going to miraculously come together during the setting process?

    • nfrain says:

      hi Susan, how did it turn out? While I can say the base should firm up, the topping will be a bit more grainy than normal with protein added but I have never had it stuck in my teeth was it mixed in well? I have made this recipe 5-6times and follow my own recipe every time I do with success and good feedback.
      let me know though, feedback is important


      • Susan says:

        the base was too crumbly – it stuck together a little better once it cooled, but still not great. the topping improved a bit with cooling too, but still felt a bit powdery – sort of like chocolate that’s seized and then reset. still, i had absolutely zero problems eating the entire batch!!

        I made it again today, and made a few small changes that made big differences for me. I was using whole oats, so i blended the oats for the base for much longer, so that they were quite fine. problem #1 solved – the base stuck together much better.
        and instead of putting the protien powder in the topping like you do, i mixed it into the filling. problem #2 solved – it didn’t make the filling weird at all, and meant the topping was gloriously smooth (and easier to cut!)

        overall, I’ll be coming back to this recipe over and over again, though I’ll have to be careful as its far too easy to eat!!

      • nfrain says:

        Hi Susan,

        This is great to hear I am glad you made it work and persisted with it as it is a favorite of mine!
        I will certainly give these changes a go myself next time I make it!
        I will amend the recipe too, i actually use quick oats not whole oats which is why I would not have has the issue, so I will ensure I clarify πŸ™‚

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