Father’s Day dinner

My present to dad tonight was to cook him dinner.

On the menu was:

  • crusty bread with a maple bacon jam
  • teriyaki baked salmon with black rice and asian greens
  • no bake white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce
teriyaki salmon with black rice and asian greens

teriyaki salmon with black rice and asian greens

The Teriyaki salmon with black rice and asian greens
1 piece of salmon per person – we had 5
1c sake
1c soy sauce
1c mirin
1/c castor sugar
1tbsp ginger
1/2tbsp garlic
1tsp Chile
1/3c black rice per person
Bok choy and green beans
tbsp sesame oil
1/2tbsp soy sauce
tbsp sesame seeds
2 garlic cloves crushed
tsp ginger

1. Start the night before. – skin the salmon and set aside
2. Combine the sake, mirin, soy, sugar, tbsp ginger, chili, 1/2tbsp garlic. Pour over the salmon and cover. refrigerate overnight.
3. The next night, remove your salmon from the marinade. set the oven to 180degrees and our the marinade into a pot, bring to a simmer and begin to reduce down. You will want it to reduce to half by serving time.
4. Cook your black rice as per pack instructions – this can take about 30mins. If it is finished to early just place the lid on and set aside till ready to serve.
5. While the rice cooks, chop your veggies and pan fry your salmon skins – using a very hot non stick pan salt your salmon skins and place skin side down first, turn over and cook the rest of the time on the other side. Once finished cooking set aside on some greasy proof paper.
6. Once you rice is half-cooked, about 12-20minutes in, put your salmon on your tray and place into the oven uncovered. Your salmon will take anywhere from 15-20minutes depending on thickness and how well you like it cooked. Ours took 15minutes tops.
7. With 5minutes to go, heat up your wok, and add your sesame oil, ginger and garlic. Add your beans first and coat then add your bok choy. Cook down till your liking, try to keep them crisp. Add the soy and toss just before serving and the sesame seeds.
8. To assemble place a serve of rice down first, with your salmon on top, lay your berries next to it. Pour your sauce over the salmon and place the skin on top.
Delish πŸ™‚

no bake white chocolate cheesecake

no bake white chocolate cheesecake

Dessert – No bake White chocolate Cheesecake
1x250g block cream cheese
1x pack of 350g shortbread
125g butter melted
1x 200g block of which chocolate
1x 250g tub mascapone cheese
1tsp vanilla
1-2tsp lemon juice
1-2c mixed berries
1/3c raspberry jam
1x 200ml double cream

1. First you want a tart tin, and to have your cheeses out to rach room temp – you can speed this up by removing from packaging and dicing – even heating in the microwave for 30sec.
2. You need your mix master ready. and a food processor.
3. Turn your shortbread to crumbs, and add your melted butter, combine. Press into your tart tin including up the sides. Set aside.
4. Whip your double cream – careful it is quick to curdle and set aside.
5. Whip your cream cheese and mascapone together, add your vanilla to this and lemon juice. DO NOT over beat.
6. Melt your white choc and add to the creams with the mix master on a low setting – you can do this folding process by hand if you wish. Add your double cream as well. Fold till just incorporated. Pour over your base. Place in the fridge till dessert.
7. Prior to serving, defrost your berries if using frozen and stir in your jam. This is your sauce! Pour over your slice of cake.

no bake white chocolate cheesecake with berry topping

no bake white chocolate cheesecake with berry topping


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