Change is good

Do you know when sometimes you have this idea, and it seems really good until you realise everything has to change to make it happen? What do you do from there? Do you sweep it under the rug, the thought of change to scary, the prospect of failure to daunting?

You cannot improve by doing the same thing you have always done, something has to change

Changes helps to put into motion the plans that you desire, it will help to complete that goal.

Sometimes change requires sacrifice, a lifestyle change, a significant adjustment, emotion alteration and overall acceptance, it can require new commitment, broken promises and the let down of those around you. Change does not alway influence just you, but those around you too.

Personally the thought of change can be scary. Some people embrace it, always looking for the next big thing to shake up their lifestyle, like life is an adventure and everything must be tried, this is great, but also not for everyone. While I feel secure in the life I have made, change can be daunting, and what if it doesn’t work, what if what I have just built up for myself requires rebuilding because of my actions? This is what scares me, going backwards.

When committing to change, you need to back yourself. You need to back your ability, the results and your plan. The first person you need to convince it is a good idea is yourself, thats the hardest part.


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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One Response to Change is good

  1. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing :))

    X Jenna

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