Twix Bar – Biscuit Base

So remember I made a Twix bar/slice just recently? But the base of it was a brownie base? The recipe can be found here.

So, why did I make it again? Well apart from the fact that it was delicious, I had a request from a friend to make it for her staff morning tea, but without the brownie base. Hence the switch to the biscuit base, more Twix authentic I think.

Twix slice - biscuit base

Twix slice – biscuit base

Basically follow the whole original recipe (link above) BUT make the below base:

Biscuit Base

1c of flour
1/2 dark brown sugar
125g butter – melted
1/3c desiccated coconut

line your baking tray – I used a casserole dish again
Melt the butter, and mix into your dry ingredients well. Pour into your lined tray and bake for 15-20mins on a 180degree oven or until golden. Remove and allow to cool while you commence work on the remaining layers. It does not need to be completely cooled before you add the next toppings.

Twix slice - biscuit base

Twix slice – biscuit base


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