I think I have posted something along these lines before, but let’s face it, it’s not every day that you jump out of bed, smile on your face, a ball of energy and ready to concur the world. Sometimes, the day ahead just seems to hard, and forming an igloo under your puffy doona seems like an option you would jump leaps and bounds for, unfortunately the night cannot come quick enough.

new Lorna Jane

new Lorna Jane

So what do you do when you are feeling a lack of motivation? What’s your feel good, go too when your energy is zapped? How do you put a spring back in your step?

I thought I might talk about some of the ways I do just that

  1.  Purchase new gym clothes – I love this one, and I did it just recently. There is nothing like some good new gym clothes to make you feel good and want to get into the gym to show them off. Just remember they are made for sweating, so don’t show them off so much that you forget to workout.
  2. Get Active – it’s the middle of the afternoon, on a Sunday, and you can feel your feet dragging, the sun coming in through the windows and suddenly it becomes apparent that your cat’s routine of laying on the rug in the lovely sunlight is a good one
  3. Play some upbeat music – Everyone has their own music genre, depending on your mood and situation. Personally I like to call asleep to some nice calm music if I’m feeling restless – think Passenger, Let her go. But it wouldn’t be the type of music I want when I step on stage in a show – Avicii, Wake me up. The music will help set the tone
  4. Set yourself small goals – Don’t look ahead to next summer when you are only just in the middle of this one and say ‘I will have my summer body for next summer’ why not now? It doesn’t take long to start seeing changes when you make alterations. Have a goal, and a reward for yourself at the end of it, like shouting yourself flights to visit a friend once you reach that goal. It will motivate you to get there. But be disciplined, you can’t give them to yourself even if you don’t make it, otherwise they will not hold the encouraging weight that they should. Perhaps let someone in on your secret?
  5. Positive Talk – none of that ‘it’s too hard, I don’t want to, I’m fat anyway why bother’ type of talk. If you do that I guarantee that 1hr workout will feel like 2, if not 3. Tell yourself things like; ‘this will release endorphins which make me feel good, getting started is the hardest part, only one more rep, you did it before you can do it again, every rep counts’ etc. and embrace the workout knowing everything you do is better than sitting still. Motivation if your own doing, stimulants just help you keep going.
  6. Look back – only if that is favourable of course! And you will know if it is. But even if you are looking back at a skinnier you, know that you were there once, you can be there again and use this as motivation to set you back on your path
  7. Tell a friend – Have you ever been unmotivated, but found you had these promising plans made to a friend and you don’t want to let them down, so you do them, then realise how good it was! Had you not committed to someone else perhaps it wouldn’t have happened and you would still be at home on that Friday night in your Pjs feeling sorry for yourself. Making commitments can encourage us to get out and up our motivation. Use others enthusiasm to fuel your own!

There are plenty more ways to increase your motivation, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

So leave a comment


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