Deplete Week

As the Tasmanian State Titles draw closer, 17 days away to be exact, it is time that all competitors are well into their deplete plans. Whether that be increased daily water intake, salt being cut out, upping that last bit of cardio for those final drops, supplements get dropped out and exercise becomes a strict requirement. Moods become tense, and perhaps people begin to question why they are doing this, but knowing the end is right around the corner they can’t give up now, right?

Deplete week, and the week leading up is one of the hardest parts of the whole process. But it comes and go so quickly. Currently at 5 weeks out from my own comp, I would have to say at present I felt the 7-8week mark pretty difficult, a time where you have been working hard for some time now, but still the end seems so far.

Deplete week can make and break a competitor. It is the time where every training session, every morsel of food consumed matters even more. If you don’t drink enough fluid, they water depletion may not work to its best ability which helps aid in preventing bloating and retention come stage day. If you over eat on those carbs, because you are hungry, you may ruin the process of carb up. If you decide to slack off in your exercises throughout the week, you may not deplete your muscles as required. If you over eat on your fats, or anything for that matter, you don’t have the time to work it off anymore, it will be there to stay. And maybe it doesn’t make you ‘fatter’ in that sense, but maybe it stops you abs from really popping on the day.

Deplete week is hard, it becomes more of a mental game of getting through each day, getting done what needs to be done, and for many still juggling a normal routine around their family and work. It can become a mix of excitement and fear as you realise that tini bikini now needs to be worn in front of a crowd. You might second guess yourself, your conditioning and ability, and if you have left a reason to blame, you will most likely be doing that too.

It is a time where the understanding and support from others, work, partner, family and alike is most important. Β Tell them you might be irritable, irrational and tired, they might not get it, but at least you warned them. Hopefully they can help you with your normal duties, help you meal prep, encourage you and remind you it’s all worth it and to look at how far you have come.

Not everyone has the courage, or ability to step on stage. Not everyone wants to either. By doing it and completing your goal you are doing something for yourself, as well as making yourself a member of the number of people who can and do step on stage.

Deplete week is the end of the road, it’s an exciting time and should be embraced. Get excited, that cheat meal is almost here, but make sure you still work for that cheat meal. Don’t let your hard work come undone.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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