BareBlends Berry Bites

BareBlends were kind enough to provide me with some of their product, some of their WPI, a Paleo bar, and their Bare blends BareBerries-freeze dried raspberries. I would have to say out of all of them, I was most excited for the freeze dried berries. Being able to incorporate the berry flavour into my goodies, just got easier with it in power form. Often berries themselves fold so much liquid, a lot of powders need to be added to soak this up, so some of the intense flavours of the berries can be lost. This problem has been fixed!

BareBlends BareBerries bliss balls

BareBlends BareBerries bliss balls

70g berries of choice -I used mixed frozen
Tsp honey
Tbsp cocoa
2tbsp bare blends BareBerries
2tbsp almond meal
Desiccated coconut for rolling

Add everything to a food processor and blitz to will combined. If using frozen berries thaw first
Roll into balls and through desiccated coconut.
I made about 8, 20g balls

Note; can sub almond meal for coconut flour as well


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