Chest workout and Freycinet, Tasmania

This morning I had work commitments, I had to go to the lovely Freycinet, coles Bay Area of Tasmania. Oh what a shame! The day can be such hard work sometimes. The reason I am in this lovely area of the state is for the AMP annual advisers conference. Last year it was held at cradle mountain, it was lovely, it snowed and with the woodfire blazing inside, toasting marshmallows late into the night and socialising with other advisers both local and from other states, it was an enjoyable work experience.

This year, I am thankful that the weather is not as cold, no snow, frosty mornings but beautiful blue sky’s, crystal clear waters and views that take your breath away and make you appreciate the wilderness. It is a place that should be appreciated and experienced by everything. While the air in the mornings might hurt your lungs to breathe in as it feels it turns your lungs to ice, the clearness of the air and freshness is worth the experience. The clarity and calmness of the area takes the worry away from your day. It makes you question why we have concerns in the first place. 

Sometimes you just need to appreciate your surroundings, what you have and live in the moment… If only it was as easy to take my own advice.

Freycinet lodge

Freycinet lodge

so to get to this magical place it s a 2.25hr journey from my home city of launceston. With a 9am start at the location it did mean that I es require to meet my work partners at an early 6am for departure. Which meant fitting in a training session before hand, if you haven’t guessed yet, that meant a 4am gym session. I literally homed out of bed this morning, ready to take on the day, but I don’t Thi I could do that every day! I feel I will crash very quickly tonight. 


The workout that took my morning energy:

Flat bench press – 1rep=1 1/2 rep. Complete 10 reps, followed by 5 full reps – complete 4 sets 

flat bench drop set – 1 set, 10 reps

incline bench press- 5 sets – 15, 12, 10, 8, 8 

incline bench press – drop set, 1 set

flat bench dumbbell press with incline bench flys – press, 10 reps. Flys, 10 reps. 4 sets

seated chest squeeze – 4 sets – 10 slow and squeeze, 5 quick pulses

cable flys – 4 sets, drop sets


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